Sunflower Land Introduces Dynamic PFP NFTs Called Bumpkins

by BSC News

September 4, 2022


Sunflower Land developers explained in detail the new Bumpkins NFTs during a Twitch community stream for the popular Polygon game.

Sunflower Land, a PlayAndOwn game on the Polygon Network, is developing a new dynamic profile picture project called Bumpkins.

The team explained the concept in a Twitch stream on Sept. 2 where the developers talked about the future of Sunflower Land. The first half of the stream focused on the upcoming Goblin War within the game. The second half focused on their new project, that allows players to mint base NFTs that can evolve throughout its lifespan.

“The [previous] process [of PFP minting] is pretty static. Once you mint something and its not a super rare item you’re kind of disappointed,” Spencer Dezart-Smith said in Sunflower Land’s live stream. “We utilized this idea of NFTs and Semi-Fungible Tokens, and combined this idea where players can control the destiny of their NFTs.

Each item that the base Bumpkins NFT possesses is its own token which the players have ownership over. Ideally, the base NFT can be customized with other tokenized assets, changing its rarity in the process. Trading these NFTs will also move the tokens equipped to the base NFT itself, making the entire project dynamic in nature.

“I think its where the [NFT] community needs to go,” Sunflower Land’s CEO, Adam Hannigan, said on the stream. “We need to move away from projects where there’s an exclusive club. We want everyone in the world to have a Bumpkin.”

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