Stake.com Hackers Unveiled by FBI as North Korean Lazarus Group

by BSC News

September 7, 2023


The FBI has identified the recent Stake.com hack as the latest exploit conducted by North Korean hacker cell, Lazarus Group

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) has identified the entity behind the recent Stake.com attack, which saw some $41 million worth of digital assets stolen, as the infamous Lazarus hacker group.

The press release issued by fbi.gov confirms that the hack took place on September 4 and that the FBI "attributes it to the Lazarus Group (also known as APT38) which is comprised of DPRK cyber actors".

"The FBI investigation has revealed that DPRK cyber actors moved stolen funds associated with the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon networks from Stake.com", reads the release

The report goes on to publicly identify the wallet addresses to which the stolen digital assets were sent.

Screenshot taken from fbi.gov


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