Some Pioneers Express Disappointment over Wait for Pi Network KYC

by BSC News

September 26, 2023


The Pi Network's KYC delay has undoubtedly stirred emotions among its user base. While many express concerns, others remain hopeful.

The Pi Network KYC system has become a topic of considerable debate and concern among its users, or "Pioneers," as they are commonly referred to. 

A recent tweet/post from Pi News Media unveiled many concerns and comments from these Pioneers about the delay in the KYC (Know Your Customer) approval process, which is reportedly an essential step toward the launch of the Open Mainnet.

The Pi Core team has reportedly maintained that the milestone of open mainnet launch would only be realized once a significant number of users have successfully undergone the KYC verification while they also focus on developing its ecosystem. Naturally, this claim places a lot of importance on KYC. 

What Pioneers Are Saying

Some comments on Pi News Media's tweet are explicit – there appears to be growing disappointment among the Pioneers. The primary grievance revolves around the prolonged wait for KYC approval and the unavailability for every Pioneer in the industry. 

Source: X (Twitter)

One user stated that those patiently waiting for the Pi Network's KYC approval might be wasting their time. Another user was more direct, labeling the KYC strategy “meaningless.” 

Source: X (Twitter)
Source: X (Twitter)

A resounding demand echoed in the comments was for the mobile mining blockchain to make KYC available to every miner on the platform, given its significance.

Pi Network KYC unavailable slot for a Pioneer. Source: (X) Twitter

Some Optimism from the Community

Despite some disappointment and frustration, not all hope is lost among the Pioneers. Large portions of the community remains hopeful, expressing their optimism that the mass KYC target will indeed be achieved. 

Their stance highlights the faith many still have in the Pi Network and its vision.

What Next for Pi Network KYC? 

The Pi Network's KYC timeline and reported difficulties have undoubtedly stirred emotions among its user base. While many express concerns, others cling to hope. It remains to be seen how the Pi Core team addresses these concerns and whether they can expedite the KYC process to ensure a smooth transition to the Open Mainnet.

What is Pi Network:

Pi Network is a mobile mining blockchain with an application that lets people earn Pi coins by doing simple tasks on their phones. However, the project remains in its development stage with delivery of an open mainnet still a matter of speculation, with no launch date confirmed. 

With this in mind, the protocol remains in its testnet stage and will apparently go live when many users (Pioneers) complete the mandatory KYC procedure while the core team works on developing its ecosystem.

Pi Network is also reported to be under investigation by authorities in Vietnam and users should exercise a high degree of caution when interacting with the project and ensure they have conducted sufficient research before doing so.


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