Project Insight: TTcoin Network - Bringing Innovation to the Crypto World

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July 30, 2023


Working on both virtual and real-world projects, TTcoin aims to establish a strong and reliable foundation in the rapidly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

TTcoin Network, founded on March 24, 2021, by Tayfun Taner and Tunahan Taner, is a TRC-20 smart contract operating on the TRON network. The project embarked on an intensive period of development, leading to the creation of two significant applications: the TTcoin mining app and TTcoin Network. The team's active efforts saw TTcoin launch on the Google Play store on June 16, 2021, rapidly gaining one million users and making impressive strides towards achieving its goals.

Within just three months, TTcoin secured listings on eight different exchanges, resulting in a remarkable 400% increase in its value. At its peak, TTcoin's value surged an astonishing 1900%. The project's dedication to real-world utility and institutionalism prompted the team to adopt a new logo featuring the letters TC.

Project Vision

TTcoin's vision is centered around building a strong and trustworthy foundation in the rapidly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency market. The team's goals include conducting activities to attract users, organizing regular airdrop draws, and employing measures to protect the TTcoin price range from sudden drops.

TTcoin Utility and Tokenomics

TTcoin serves as a currency within the TC Token projects and applications. Headquartered in Turkey, TTcoin operates with a strong emphasis on security and has obtained permission from the Turkish Ministry of Interior for numerous real projects aligned with its objectives. The network operates on both the TRC20 and BEP20 networks, providing users with trading opportunities on various exchanges.

Token Information 

Name: TTcoin 

Symbol: TC 

Decimal: 4 

Max Supply: 6,000,000,000 

The primary purpose of TTcoin is to add value to its investments by collaborating with authentic brands and institutions, thus safeguarding its users from manipulative events on exchanges. The project has secured agreements with advertising agencies to generate revenue from mobile applications and games, which is then used to fund TTcoin's development and services for its investors.

TTcoin's economic model includes regular token burnings to achieve a stable supply and protect the project from manipulative movements. Two billion tokens are allocated for exchanges, with agreements planned in different countries. The team's wallet holds 500 million coins, which fund ongoing projects and exchange agreements.

To further strengthen user confidence, TTcoin smart contracts have been fully audited by smart contract auditing company eNebula solutions. 

TTcoin can be easily added to active cold or exchange wallets supporting the TRC20 and BEP20 networks. Popular wallets like Trust Wallet and Tronlink Pro can store TTcoin securely.

TTcoin Ecosystem 

TTcoin actively works on both virtual and tangible projects. Besides its virtual projects, the team focuses on developing real-life initiatives. One notable venture is the establishment of the first cryptocurrency football club, TTcoin FC, which aims to engage investors and bridge the worlds of football and crypto.

TTcoin Wallet: TTcoin offers a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that supports TTcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. Fees for transactions are charged in TTcoin, enhancing the utility of the token.

TTcoin Blockchain: The project operates a cryptocurrency blockchain capable of processing 100,000 transactions per second with low fees. Utilizing the TC20 smart contract, TTcoin enables affordable project development.

TTcoin Swap: TTcoin Swap is an ecosystem that allows users to create TC20 tokens within TTcoin's shared network of networks. These created tokens can be sent with minimal network fees.

TTcoin Meta: TTcoin Meta is a game set in diamond realms, where players can mine diamonds and convert them into TC. The game also features market and social areas for players to interact with each other.

TTcoin Football Club Token Burning Plan

TTcoin Football Club implements a token burning plan based on various club activities, such as matches played, goals scored, victories, and draws. Additionally, tokens are burned from the exchange during championships. Visit the whitepaper for a full breakdown.

TTcoin Mobile Apps

TTcoin offers a range of mobile apps, including TTcoin Network for mining, TTcoin Rewards for earning rewards through tasks, and TTcoin FC for football club-related information.

The TTcoin Team

The TTcoin team demonstrates dedication to transparency and accountability. They actively develop projects, implement marketing strategies, and secure exchange agreements to ensure a vibrant and open market for TTcoin. Delegates in various countries assist the community and promote TTcoin's development.

TTcoin's commitment to real-world utility and institutionalism is evident in its partnerships with authentic brands and institutions. By introducing innovative applications like the TTcoin mining app and TTcoin Network, the project has showcased its ability to adapt and excel in a fast-paced market. 

As TTcoin continues to push the boundaries of innovation and establish itself as a trustworthy ecosystem, investors and users can look forward to exciting developments and opportunities in the future.

Stay updated with TTcoin Network via the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper
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