Horror Ape Club Prepares Another Massive Giveaway Series

by BSC News

July 2, 2022


Horror Ape Club partners with 33 other NFT projects to host virtual duck races with NFT prizes.

Horror Ape Club “Duck Race” Giveaway

Horror Ape Club will host a series of virtual “duck races” where its members can win over 90 NFTs.  Scheduled for July 6 at 18:00 UTC,  the duck race event will take place ahead of the July 8 mint of the additional Horror Ape Club collection of 333 premium Horror Ape NFTs.

Horror Ape Club's Community Coordinator, Kuba JG, informed BSC News that the giveaway event was organized in gratitude to the members of the Horror Ape Club for the support they have lent to the project since its launch. 

“Due to our extensive network of befriended projects, we will be spending the evening by giving back to the community. Horror Ape Club would like to express their gratitude and thanks to all projects that have joined the give-back-to-community initiative,” he said.
Source: Horror Ape Club

Kuba JG went on to list the other projects participating in the giveaway event.

“On top of Horror Ape Club, other projects participating in the event are 2D Cryptobots, 3D Brave Tigers, 3D Cryptobot, ApeFam Elite, Chain Legion, Crazy Chipmunks, Crazy Joker Sweep Festival, Crypto Girlfriend, CryptoQuties, ExoPets, G-Dogz, Galgos Club, GooodFellas / Binions, HODL hands, Haddie’s Bay Club, HobosOnBSC, Josh the Flamingo, K(AI), Liquid Collectibles, LittleGhosts, Main Street Money Monkeys, MetaRaffes, Moonwalkers DAO, NFTVs, Neural Pepe, New Wizard Order, Nibblers, Non-Fungible Bananas, Non-Fungible Moonbirds, OctoPets, Oddblox, Pixelsweeper, PsyBears, PsyBulls, Pundex Fellas Club, Retro Boys, Sriracha Inu, The Willy NFT, Trippy Trunks and Horror Ape Club," he revealed.
Source: Horror Ape Club

On how the event will be conducted, Kuba told BSC News that the event would take place in the Horror Ape Club Telegram, and that in-person attendance would be required to claim victory.

Source: Horror Ape Club

What is Horror Ape Club:

Horror Ape Club is a collection of 3,333 unique horror-inspired and themed Apes hosted on BNB Chain. Each NFT in the collection has its own life with 126 unique traits and colors.

The NFT project also has a companion project referred to as Project 333. This is a collection of 333 NFTS which the project deems to be a Premium NFT Collection.

For more information about Horror Ape Club, see these links:‍

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Discord

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