Does Binance Neglect BNB Chain NFTs?

by BSC News

April 18, 2022


The continued neglect of the strong-tight knit community of BNB Chain NFTs by Binance itself is making many users––and creators––salty.

Binance Ignores BNB Chain NFTs

The Binance Twitter account has––once again––recycled a graphic that shows only Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) from the Ethereum Chain. This is not the first time the Twitter account for the most active blockchain has dropped the ball and inadvertently neglected to support NFTs from its flagship blockchain, BNB Chain

The graphic in question surfaced on Twitter first back in February, with the latest gaffe coming on April 16. The commentary from users in the latest Twitter thread shows clear displeasure from many notable names in the BNB Chain community. For example, the BNB Chain is the flagship of Binance, and yet for months, a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT has been shown on the front page of It is one thing to be ignored and another to see consistent neglect in favor of other chains. 

Binance itself does list and engage with NFTs from many chains on its sites as well as makes investments into other chains, but something is truly amiss when the mother company cannot even fix the graphics after the outcry following the February mishap. There is really no excuse for not including at least a few BNB Chain NFTs––if not all the images. Once is a mistake, but twice seems intentional.

Where is the support for PancakeSquads? Bull Society? Non-Fungible Apes? Exo Warrior? BitPunks? And more? There is a massive amount of creativity and community building that Binance should consider tapping into and embracing. 

All this noise and BNB Chain NFTs are still on the rise. BNB Chain users recently endured the rebrand of the chain, which forced every project to face the conundrum of rebranding and to slog through the unexpected need to re-do websites, graphics, and myriad marketing material. Despite all this, the NFT community on the chain continues to grow.

The PancakeSquad NFTs have been rising high––one recently sold for 600 BNB––and have been climbing the ranks on several sites. According to CryptoSlam!, the PancakeSquad volume has risen over 300% in the last month––all during a market downturn.

Support for projects on its own chain by Binance is expectedly a minimum threshold for many users of BNB Chain. The continued neglect for image promotion of projects on other chains must be addressed.  

Twitter user, Sensei (@patron_silver) is not wrong. Binance must really think about the message they are sending to BNB Chain enthusiasts with this kind of marketing. 

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