De.Fi Adds BabyDogeSwap DEX to its Web3 Super App

by BSC News

March 4, 2023


Users can now connect with BabyDogeSwap’s yield offerings on De.Fi’s secure asset management product suite.

De.Fi Integrates BabyDogeSwap DEX

BabyDogeSwap Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is now integrated into the De.Fi Web3 platform. The memecoin becomes the latest to be added to De.Fi’s product suite allowing users to manage their positions on the DEX. 

De.Fi allows users to farm and stake on various platforms, and BabyDogeSwap’s integration will allow users to connect with the DEX’s cryptocurrency and stablecoin pools. De.Fi announced the collaboration on March 2 via Twitter. 

De.Fi is a Web3 platform that enables users to control their digital assets with a full suite of innovative tools. The protocol, backed by auditing experts, provides unified data for the most popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols via an intuitive and flexible API. The protocol has integrated over 50 networks and supports up to 128 DeFi protocols in the blockchain industry. 

The platform ensures users explore yields across the supported protocols, including the latest to join its ecosystem, BabyDogeSwap. De.Fi has over 600,000 active users and a tracked Total Value Locked (TVL) of 223 Billion. 

De.Fi’s integration is positive for BabyDogeSwap as it would further improve its awareness in the industry, with users leveraging the protocol’s complete DeFi management toolset. 

What is Baby Doge Swap:

Baby Doge Swap is the acclaimed “son” of the popular meme token, DOGE. Baby Doge Swap started out as Baby Doge Coin and is a hyper-deflationary system that progressively increases its scarcity and increases its liquidity. 

The project is now a fully Decentralized Exchange with swaps, liquidity pools, yield farming, and more. Baby Doge considers its primary utility as building a fun meme community to spread awareness of animal adoption.

Where to find Baby Doge Swap:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | TikTok | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook