Chainlink Automation Goes Live on Base, Promising Upto 90% Reduction in Gas Costs

by BSC News

January 23, 2024


The strategic move reportedly equips Base developers with a suite of advanced tools, including CCIP, Data Feeds, and Automation, paving the way for the creation of hyper-scalable applications.

Chainlink Automation has officially gone live on Base, introducing verifiable, decentralized, and gas-efficient smart contract automation capabilities. 

According to a press release shared with BSC News, this integration reportedly opens the door for Base developers to leverage advanced Chainlink services, including CCIP, Data Feeds, and Automation, empowering them to pioneer a new era of hyper-scalable applications.

"We're excited to see the next-gen apps that developers can build on Base using the advanced off-chain compute capabilities enabled by Chainlink Automation,” Jesse Pollak, the Creator of Base. “Being able to offload compute-heavy tasks to the Chainlink Network expands the use cases that Base developers can realize."

With Chainlink Automation on Base, developers reportedly can incorporate a higher level of computation into their smart contracts. This enhancement facilitates the exploration of more advanced use cases, expanding the horizons of what developers can achieve within the decentralized ecosystem.

Enhanced Efficiency with Reduced Gas Costs

As per reports, Chainlink Automation on Base offers a diverse range of triggers, introducing innovative ways to connect multiple decentralized applications (dApps). For instance, Automation allows smart contracts to respond to on-chain log events, acting as a robust messaging bus akin to the pub/sub messaging bus used in connecting microservices in traditional Web2 applications.

Reports indicate that Base developers can now offload compute-intensive tasks to the Chainlink Network while maintaining blockchain verifiability standards. This integration is expected to result in up to a ~90% reduction in gas costs, and a notable advancement in cost efficiency for decentralized smart contract development.

Previous Integrations and Ongoing Developments

Chainlink's expansion continues with previous integrations, such as the incorporation of Chainlink's price feeds on zkSync Era in December. It represents a crucial step in Oracle's SCALE program, emphasizing sustainable access to Layers 1 and 2. 

Additionally, in November, Chainlink unveiled an upgrade to its native staking protocol with the introduction of Chainlink Staking v0.2.

Base, concurrently, has achieved a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $383.5 million, with Aerodrome contributing a substantial $107 million to this milestone.


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