Binance Executive Escapes Custody in Nigeria Amidst Tax Evasion Allegations

by BSC News

March 25, 2024


This development comes amid escalating legal proceedings against Binance, with the company facing accusations of non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

One of the Binance executives detained by Nigerian authorities has reportedly managed to flee custody, utilizing a fake passport to evade capture. 

Local media outlets report that Nadeem Anjarwalla escaped from detention on March 22nd, exploiting a window of opportunity during the ongoing Ramadan fast. 

Guards, adhering to the spirit of the religious observance, escorted Anjarwalla to a nearby mosque for prayers, facilitating his escape from the Abuja guest house where he was detained.

Anjarwalla purportedly boarded an international flight using a Middle Eastern airliner despite possessing a British passport. According to reports, Anjarwalla had a Kenyan passport when he left, prompting speculation regarding how he acquired multiple travel documents.

Authorities in Nigeria are reportedly working to determine Anjarwalla's intended destination and facilitate his return.

Allegations of Tax Evasion and Legal Proceedings

The escapade unfolds at a time when there are mounting legal challenges for Binance in Nigeria. 

A recent Reuters report indicates that criminal proceedings have been initiated against the exchange, allegedly for tax evasion and non-compliance with regulatory requirements. 

The Federal High Court in Abuja has formally filed charges against Binance, signaling a significant escalation in the legal battle.

The dispute began with the detention of Anjarwalla and his colleague, Gambaryan, on February 28th, following a criminal complaint lodged against them. Binance's refusal to comply with court orders triggered an extension of the executives' detention, allegedly to prevent tampering with evidence. 

In an earlier request, the federal government had demanded $10 billion from Binance to compensate it for profiting from "its illegal transactions" in Nigeria. Government reports suggest that Binance has laundered nearly $21 billion through its exchange.


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