Battle of the Dapps is Back: Announcing the 9 Contestants

by BSC News

January 17, 2023


9 laudable participants - one winner to emerge as King of the Dapps.

Projects Contending in Battle of the Dapps 5.0

BSC News is proud to announce that Battle of the Dapps is back! This will be the first iteration of the exciting event in 2023.

Similar to previous events, Battle of the Dapps sees nine projects with unique propositions split into three groups in a tournament style and answering pressing questions for a chance to be crowned King of the Dapps. The event will be held in a series of 3 rounds taking place through Twitter Spaces on the official BSC News Twitter, where listeners can vote for the project they believe had the most convincing responses. Along with the community vote, two non-partial judges will also vote on which project should advance. The winner of each round will move to the grand finale, where they will compete for the title of King of the Dapps.

BSC News is also proud to mention that Lend Finance is the official sponsor of this iteration of Battle of the Dapps.

LEND is a natural extension of the TEN Finance Ecosystem and a decentralized lending protocol for individuals and protocols to access financial services. The protocol is completely permissionless, transparent, and totally non-custodial.

Meet the nine contestants vying to become the next King of the Dapps.

Round 1, Group A: RealFevr, RadioCaca, Stader Labs

Round 1 of Battle of the Dapps will take place on January 25 at 7 PM UTC. The projects competing in this round are as follows:

  • RealFevr - A web3 gaming ecosystem built around licensed sports digital collectibles.
  • RadioCaca - A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to build a new virtual world and the infrastructure around it.
  • Stader Labs - A non-custodial smart contract-based staking platform that helps you conveniently discover and access staking solutions.

Round 2, Group B: Wombex, DeRace, Venus Protocol

Round 2 of Battle of the Dapps will take place on January 30 at 7 PM UTC. The projects competing in this round are as follows:

  • Wombex - A BNB Chain native protocol for boosting yield for liquidity providers and concentrating governance power across Wombat.
  • DeRace - A complete NFT horse racing ecosystem based on blockchain and powered by $DERC token.
  • Venus Protocol - A decentralized finance (DeFi) algorithmic money market on BNB Chain.

Round 3, Group C: Velvet Capital, NFTbMarket, Cryptopolis

Round 3 of Battle of the Dapps will take place on February 3 at 7 PM UTC. The projects competing in this round are as follows:

  • Velvet Capital - A cross-chain DeFi protocol that helps people & institutions create tokenized index funds, portfolios & other financial products with additional yield.
  • NFTbMarket - A multichain Gaming & Metaverse platform for digital ownership, empowering GameFi projects with the ability to distribute & raise liquidity.
  • Cryptopolis - A Social online NFT game where you can build out your apartment with NFT items, socialize with friends, and play minigames to climb to the top of the Tower.

The Battle of the Dapps Grand Finale will take place on February 6 at 7 PM UTC. One project from each round will advance to the finale and contend for the crown as the new King of the Dapps.

For more information on how the event works, check out this article!