Battle of the Dapps Concludes with SafePal Named King of the Dapps

by BSC News

November 3, 2022


After a first-ever Sudden Death round, wallet provider SafePal was able to best the competition and earn victory.

Winner Takes the Crown in Battle of the Dapps

After a hard-fought battle in the Grand Finale that included the first-ever Sudden Death round, SafePal has claimed the title of King of the Dapps.

All three contestants earned a vote to send the battle to Sudden Death. MicroPets was able to claim the public vote, while ApeSwap and SafePal each won a vote from our judges.

In the Sudden Death round, each project was asked the same question, with the judges coming to a consensus on who had the best answer. The judges elected to choose SafePal because of the unique perspective Veronica (the SafePal speaker) provided when asked about token value. Check out the recording of the event here.

Questions on Security

The round kicked off with questions on security. Veronica discussed their transparent development process and how they value user security. ApeSwap’s speaker, Obie, noted how the importance of decentralization was contextual and dependent on where the benefits outweigh the security risks. MicroPets’ speaker, Malek, detailed the ways that MicroPets has prepared for potential exploits by using multiple outside tools and manual approvals to maintain security.

Questions on Longevity

The second set of questions revolved around longevity. Veronica noted that crypto wallets needed to consider how to make onboarding easier and how to eliminate gas fee hurdles. Obie shared that he believes that ApeSwap doesn’t need to create a real-world presence because of how the world has trended digital. Malek described how MicroPets is built with long-term goals in mind and seeks to educate its users to keep them engaged.

Questions on Community

The final round of questions by BSC News was centered on community. Veronica explained that SafePal works to educate users on how to navigate the crypto space while also working to improve their experience. Obie discussed how ApeSwap believes that there is a new attitude towards finance and that people are looking to have fun and earn. Malek noted that while MicroPets has a target demographic, the project seeks to create a platform that can appeal to a wider variety of users.

Projects Asking Projects

Veronica asked Malek how projects can naturally grow and earn trust, to which Malek replied that MicroPets focuses on building a personal connection with its community. Veronica then asked Obie how reliant ApeSwap was on centralized services, to which Obie explained that centralized services do help support Web3 projects, but decentralization is key for success in DeFi.

Malek asked Veronica how SafePal is contributing to the success of Web3, which Veronica explained as offering the most secure and user-friendly experience for users. Malek then asked Obie how it addressed keeping user rewards high while maintaining a sustainable value for its token, to which Obie detailed how ApeSwap’s Treasury Bills circumvent typical DeFi pitfalls.

Obie asked Veronica how SafePal differentiates itself from other wallets in the space, with Veronica explaining that wallets are the boarding point for new users and SafePal is focusing on making their experience unified and intuitive. Obie then asked Malek how MicroPets is sustainable in the industry, with Malek explaining that MicroPets educates its community on the potential Web3 has, while also providing a fun gaming experience that is separate from the token price.

Sudden Death

In the sudden death round, all 3 projects were asked the same question about the relevance of token price when it comes to project success. Veronica explained that Web3 changes the relationship between brands and consumers and that tokens are a visualization of this relationship. Obie shared that valuing projects based only on token value is a broken metric, and that he hopes that the industry can move away from this emphasis. Malek noted token value brings significant attention to projects, but projects need to plan for when markets are weaker.

Acknowledging Competitors

BSC News would like to thank SafePal, ApeSwap, and MicroPets for contributing to an incredible Grand Finale. All 3 finalists displayed knowledge and innovation and earned their spots in the final round. We would also like to thank all our contestants for their efforts, as well as our sponsor CertiK for helping us put on the event!

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