Battle of the Dapps 2.0 Crowns DinoX as Winner

by BSC News

February 19, 2022


The hard-fought match saw DinoX emerges victorious from the second edition of Battle of the Dapps.

Dino X Reigns Supreme

The latest series of Battle of the Dapps served up a real treat as DinoX, Dark Frontiers, and Faraland went head to head for the title. 

In attendance for the event were Dino X Co-Founder and CTO Tom, Dark Frontiers’ Head of Communications, Joseph Strada, and Faraland’s Chief Growth Officer, Son Ho. Each representative did their best in answering questions fielded by BSC News’ very own @Tom_DeFi. They also had the opportunity to pose questions to their competitors, which always serves up a few curveballs.

The giveaway prize by BSC News saw an exclusive and lucrative marketing package awarded to winner Dino X. 

"Thank you very much, it was a very nice time spent here. Congratulations to @faraland_io and @DarkFrontiersGS, you're both building a great game, so I wish you the best of luck. And thanks @news_of_bsc and the judges, you were great hosts!" DinoX Chief Tom went on to say.

Highlights From the Final


The team explained they were introducing regular checks for their new website, ensuring users accessed it accurately. 

They intend to build continually and smartly, ensuring long-term stability for the project. They will regularly introduce new content and mechanics, ensuring the game stays fresh even for its earliest users. 

With community such an important facet of their project, they also revealed they have every intention of introducing governance, meaning community members from all over the world will be able to contribute. This was a key point for the team, who explained their communities span different continents and languages. 

The project really shone in answering questions from competitors. They explained that they will be combatting transaction fees by building a bridge and having the necessary game developers in place to make sure non-NFT players will enjoy the game as much as those holding NFTs. With encounters and battles, an adventure mode, and even a Meta game building complex in the pipeline, there is a great deal to come.

Dark Frontiers

The team began by opening up on the importance of security, underlining they do not hold private keys, meaning an exploit would not risk much. Transparency and accessibility were the keywords as open access to communication were earmarked.

Plans for VR integration are already in place, in an exciting development. However, the project is more intent on making sure the gameplay is ample and is hugely invested in creating a rich world within which a beautiful game can thrive. The intention is to build a quality product that will be able to stand the test of time. 

The community will have an active say on decisions made by the project. Through a DAO, there will be the opportunity to influence the introduction of new content within the game and play an active role in precisely how the project develops.

The intention is to construct infrastructure that is not built on hype but that instead offers a quality gaming experience. To do this, the team focuses on enhancing its adventure mode, wherein players will have the chance to build their inventory. Through the first-person RPG aspect, there will be items like space suits, spaceships, crafting tools, building inventories, all available to aid players in growing a powerful unit.


Talented developers with rich experience were touted as important players in Faraland’s team. Whenever a new function is introduced, this will come with an audit each time, ensuring security is at an optimum. Equal attention will be paid to combating phishing scams, with regular warnings given to users to exercise safety. 

With DeFi and MetaFi projects planned for the future, their community has a good deal to look forward to. Community involvement is championed as a whole, with votes deciding on factors within the game. With moderators in place for communities in different countries as well as regular AMAs, the team is invested in making sure their connection with their community is strong. 

Interestingly Faraland also explained that their Floor Price would ensure users would not be able to sell below a certain price, with Faraland on hand to sweep up should this occur. A bullish sign if we did see one!

That’s all for another wonderful edition of Battle of the Dapps, let us know who you thought deserved to come out on top at BSC News Twitter.

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