AxieCon: A Digital Nation Gathers In Real Life

by BSC News

September 9, 2022


AxieCon is the largest real life gathering of Lunacians from all corners of the world. A lot of core team members of Axie Infinity will also be present.

Bags are packed with Axie Infinity, and Lunacians from around the world are on their way to Catalonia, Spain for AxieCon 2022 hosted in the city of Barcelona. AxieCon 2022 is slated to be the premier Axie event of the year–– and potentially Sky Mavis history!


A few community meetups were previously organized, while Lunacians all over the world waited for an event where they could celebrate as one community en masse. Some members based in Madrid even had a party before the convention even started.

“Since the moment I heard about Axiecon I knew It would be an event I can’t miss,” Axie Influencer, Zio, shared with BSC News. “I’m very exited about everything, I really want to know what news and leeks they can share with us and enjoy that moment in real life. It’s important to show the world we’re the best Community!”

Various talks ranging across a variety of topics will be held during AxieCon. Speakers will come from both the Sky Mavis team, as well as prominent community members, especially those who have been around since the start of Axie Infinity’s journey. Artic, one of the Axie OGs, shared his thoughts on speaking to the community.

“Speaking at AxieCon is an incredible opportunity for me to share my perspective with the Axie community,” Artic shared with BSC News. “I am excited to talk to players about governance, share some updates about Across Lunacia, and to meet the incredible individuals who still are working towards Axie’s long term success.”

Lunacians who can’t attend the event physically need not worry as the events will be streamed online, and organizing watch parties are highly encouraged.

“AxieCon will be one of the largest gatherings of Sky Mavis team members in one location in history,” Zyori, Axie Infinity’s head of ESports and Content, told BSC News. “For those that aren’t able to make it to Barcelona, we will be broadcasting everything on the MainStage of AxieCon on our Twitch channel.”

AxieCon kicked off with a registration party at the Go Beach Club in Barcelona, where the community was able to relax and enjoy each other’s company after a long journey to Spain. Axie Infinity-inspired drinks were also served during the event.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the major event from the Catalan capital!

What is Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a PlayAndEarn blockchain game where players breed, collect, and play with digital pets called Axies and earn from the interactions. It’s built on Ronin, an Ethereum-based side-chain developed by Vietnamese-based gaming studio Sky Mavis. The protocol put eyes on the PlayAndEarn gaming industry back in 2021. In addition, the team is building a digital nation where each community member comes together to play, earn, and live in Lunacia.

Where to find Axie Infinity:

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