Arcadia Finance Goes Live on Optimism, Unlocking Up to 10x Leverage for Borrowers

by BSC News

March 28, 2023


At launch, wETH and USDC are available for lending, and users can trade with limit orders on Uniswap V3, Curve and other AMMs. Users can choose between isolated and cross-margin for trading on their favorite AMMs.

Option to Trade on Preferred AMM

The permissionless credit protocol Arcadia Finance has gone live on Ethereum and Optimism, enabling borrowers to leverage long/short tokens up to 10x.

Arcadia was launched in two phases. The first phase started for lenders on march 7. Borrowers began participating in the second phase on March 14. 

There was no capital lockup for lenders, and they could deposit and withdraw as they desired. At launch, the protocol had a total cap of $500,000 for all lending pools. Lending was initially available for wETH and USDC. 

Further, Arcadia waitlist members had access to the protocol's borrow side from March 16. Finally, the borrowing side was open to the public on March 21.

With Arcadia, users will be able to place limit orders to trade with leverage on Uniswap, Curve, and other AMMs with onchain leverage. The leverage allows traders to maximize returns, manage risk more effectively, or take directional positions. 

The Arcadia platform offers users the option to trade with isolated margin or cross-margin on their preferred AMM. As reported, every trade will be executed via the DEX with the highest liquidity

Arcadia's protocols have been audited by Nethermind and Solidity Finance. Arcadia Finance also had its first investment round by Global Founders in February 2022. Currently, the DeFi protocol is finalizing another investment round, the Arcadia team has informed BSC News.

What is Arcadia Finance:

Arcadia is a decentralized and composable margin protocol. Their mission is to bring the user experience and capital efficiency of TradFi to DeFi.

Users can use onchain leverage on Arcadia to trade with margin on Uniswap, Curve, and other AMMs. Traders can use this leverage to maximize their returns, better manage risk, or make directional bets.

Learn more about Arcadia Finance:

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