ApeCoin DAO Starts Voting For Its Future Direction

by BSC News

September 22, 2023


Participants in the voting process are presented with a selection of mission statements, each offering a distinct perspective on the ApeCoin DAO's future.

Decoding ApeCoin DAO's Path Forward

The ApeCoin DAO has embarked on a significant juncture in its evolution by initiating a proposal to determine its future direction. At the heart of this pivotal decision lies the selection of a mission statement, a map that will guide the DAO toward a unified vision.

This mission statement carries multifaceted significance:

Streamlining Governance: A clear mission statement streamlines the ApeCoin Improvement Proposal (AIP) process, providing contributors with a well-defined roadmap and a shared understanding of the DAO's goals.

Attracting Innovators: It acts as a beacon, attracting creators and developers who align with the DAO's overarching purpose, thereby enriching the ecosystem.

Reinforcing Vision: The mission statement revitalizes and reinforces the founder's vision, emphasizing ApeCoin's role as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives in the metaverse.

Participants in the voting process are presented with eight mission statements, each offering a distinct perspective on the DAO's future. These encompass revolutionizing the digital landscape, becoming the coin of metaverse culture, powering the future of Web3, fostering a hub for community ideas and culture, connecting and empowering creators, advancing ApeCoin utility, and empowering the community.

Participants are invited to select the mission statement that resonates most profoundly with their vision for the future of ApeCoin DAO. Alternatively, the option of "none of the above" is available for those whose perspectives differ from the presented choices. 

As of this writing, mission 2, stating, "ApeCoin's mission is to become the coin of metaverse culture and blockchain gaming," is leading with 42.31% of the vote.

On Sept. 21, the ApeCoin DAO passed a proposal to grant $12.5 million worth of ApeCoins to the Digital Art Movement (DAM).


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