ApeCoin DAO Launches All-New NFT Accelerator

by BSC News

October 17, 2023


ApeCoin’s new collaboration with NFT-creation platform, Forj, may come as a much needed boost to the current state of the NFT industry.

According to reports, and following the successful approval of Ape Improvement Proposal (AIP) 209, ApeCoin DAO is poised to launch an NFT accelerator program alongside Forj - an NFT platform of Animoca Brands origin. 

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As first reported by Decrypt, Forj has been bestowed the responsibility of constructing and running the new accelerator program, with ApeCoin DAO providing the funding to facilitate it, as detailed in AIP-209, which was first proposed in ApeCoin’s forum in early 2023.

“We chose to launch on ApeCoin because it has the most collaborative and socially engaged community across Web3", Forj’s CEO is reported to have said.

ApeCoin’s choice of using the Forj platform is alleged to have stemmed from its pre-existing network, owing to its Animoca affiliation, as well as its apparent track record across gaming, music, collectible items, and the entertainment industry. 

The news may come as a much needed boost for the NFT industry which, having soared to near-unbelievable levels in 2021 and early 2022, has since collapsed in value and monthly transaction volume.

Source: Dune Analytics


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