Project Insight: ApeSwap

by BSC News

March 4, 2021


ApeSwap plans to introduce new features that are innovative and beneficial to the community. Keep an eye out on this protocol as they continue to trailblaze the AMM space on the BSC ecosystem.


Automated Market Makers (AMM), farming, and staking are continuing to expand on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. These concepts were introduced into the Ethereum DeFi landscape and they have blown up since then. Loads of projects are getting involved in the space. One of the most recent protocols being Apeswap, joining the other AMM and yield farming platforms.

About ApeSwap

Apeswap sees themselves in a unique light, away from the conventional disposition of the norm. According to the team, the platform was built by “DeFi Apes for DeFi Apes.” The DeFi Apes are well vested and carry experience in the industry. The native currency of ApeSwap is the $BANANA token. It is easy to earn $BANANA by staking and joining liquidity pools to receive the token as incentive.

Apeswap banks on the fact that the market is gearing towards AMM’s and liquidity provision. These types of protocols create what we know as yield farming. Traditional liquidity incentives coupled with a stake and earn program poises ApeSwap to deliver innovative products. The $BANANA token is used to facilitate such yield incentives alongside exposure to ApeSwaps’ success within the BSC ecosystem.

Key Features

The Apeswap platform includes an Automated Market Maker where traders can execute a trade with ease and with limited slippage. The protocol also offers Yield farming with a Total Value Lock (TVL) of $35 Million and Annual Percentage Yield (APR) of up 1,000% in their farms.

$BANANA Frenzy

As earlier mentioned, the $BANANA token is the native currency of the Apeswap platform. This token carries all of the benefits embedded in using the platform. One of the largest benefits of the $BANANA token was the Banana frenzy that offered a unique liquidity and staking program. Here is how it worked: 

  • The first  72hrs, 40 $BANANA token was minted per block
  • The second 72hrs, 20 $BANANA tokens was minted
  • Forever only 10 $BANANA is minted per block afterward.

This system was implemented to reward the early adopters of the platform. Users who were quick to bootstrap liquidity were rewarded the most as it was vital to the platform's success. It is also important to note that 10% of all block rewards will go to the dev fund to be burned or used for expansion.

Burn Mechanism

Many projects introduce a burn mechanism into their tokenomics to reduce token supply and raise the value over time. This strategy has gained immense traction specifically in AMM’s such as PancakeSwap. Apeswap follows suit with  strategies in place to reduce circulating supply. The team has a burning schedule that tracks the protocol's growth. The burn schedule is already announced before and investors can join Twitter and Telegram to get all future information and burn plans.

Project Update

The BANANA/CAKE liquidity pool was opened last month, and $BANANA incentives were distributed to bootstrap liquidity. BSC Gemz carried out an audit on the code with no apparent vulnerabilities found.The team is currently working on another audit to further ensure security. This audit is currently being carried out by one the most renowned auditing companies, CertiK. 

Apeswap has quickly made it to the top of the DeFi yield audit list. This project has not slowed on developments and innovation remains on the horizon. Recent partnerships with top platforms in the industry further prove ApeSwaps legitimacy and credibility. As the team continues to build they strive to be the top AMM and yield farming dapp on the BSC.

Partnerships and Roadmaps

Recently, Apeswap partnered with Bakeryswap, a leading AMM on the BSC network. BakerySwap was one of the first to adopt the BSC network and provide NFTs, farms, and more benefits. This partnership has extended some of these resources to Apeswap users.

The partnership brings together mutual pools, farming, and a meme competition. Users will have the unique benefits of gaining rewards in BANANA and BAKE in the pools. Apeswap will be using an 8x multiplier for the pools, making it one of the most prominent yielding pairs on the ApeSwap platform. This partnership also resulted in an NFT meme competition that ended on the 2nd of March, where ten winners were chosen and rewarded.

More recently, the team has just announced its partnership with one of the leading yield aggregators Beefy.Finance. This partnership consists of two ApeSwap vaults, BANANA-BNB and BANANA-BUSD. These vaults allow BANANA holders to earn further rewards through consistent and automatic compounding. To increase incentives further the teams have also announced added BANANA rewards on top of the default yield. This means users can soon earn additional BANANA on top of the LP rewards. These extra incentives have yet to be announced so stay tuned on the Beefy and ApeSwap media pages to catch the announcement.

What Next for the Platform?

Three foundational pillars capture the essence of Apeswap;

  • A vibrant and active community that looks out for each other and keeps the ApeSwap platform thriving.
  • $BANANA token improvement by enhancing and creating new features, holding partners, and further demands for Ape users.
  • Collaboration and partnerships with other BSC DeFi platforms to bring the most benefits to Apeswap users.

What does this mean for the platform in the coming month;

  • $BANANA lottery implementation
  • Improved charting functionality 
  • Marketing
  • Implement a scheduled burning program for the program
  • Meme competitions 
  • Team expansion

Closing Thoughts

Automated Market Makers (AMM) and yield farming have continued to grow at an incredible rate. ApeSwap plans to introduce new features that are innovative and beneficial to the community. As the team continues to develop novel solutions in the DeFi landscape I am sure that they will see continued growth.  Currently, the market is driven by a lot of hype and hope marketing. Investors are advised to do very credible research to find such quality projects and I think ApeSwap is here to stay. Overall, keep an eye out on this protocol as they continue to trailblaze the AMM space on the BSC ecosystem.

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