Ankr Case Study: Improved Scalability, Efficiency, and Server Capacity for BNB Chain

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January 6, 2023


Ankr tackled three challenges for BNB Chain by using sophisticated infrastructure tech.

Ankr Improves Three Issues with BNB Chain

Ankr released its case study report about how it applied solutions to three critical areas to help bring BNB Chain to the next level.

The case study, released on January 6, detailed how Ankr tackled three challenges for BNB Chain: scalability, inefficiency, and server capacity. Using critically improved infrastructure tools, Ankr implemented upgrades to the Erigon client, rewrote archive node infrastructure, and founded the framework for BNB Application Sidechains (BAS). Ankr played a vital role in the development of the BAS to maintain competitiveness for BNB Chain.

“We believe that all participants in the BNB Chain ecosystem will greatly benefit from these network upgrades. This is the evolution of BNB Chain to become faster and more efficient, enabling it to handle the ever-growing demand and staggering number of transactions,” the BNB Chain Core Team is quoted in the study.

The BNB Chain specifically called out the improvements from Ankr as crucial to helping upgrade the chain’s performance. The case study gives several further stats on how it has improved BNB Chain, like increasing block capacity by 10 per second, reducing node disc storage by five terabytes, 10x’d the RPC request performance, and more.

Ankr also explained why they chose to work with BNB Chain, citing longtime voluntary support for BNB Chain’s open-source infrastructure and the desire to continue the long-standing relationship in an official capacity.

Despite all of Ankr’s improvements with BNB Chain and praises from core team members, the project is embattled in the ongoing fallout from its exploit in early December. The project is working with law enforcement to make ends meet for customers and is still after the exploiter. Ankr has already airdropped some users funds to recompensate the exploit.

What is Ankr Protocol:

Ankr is a decentralized Web3 infrastructure for a better Web3 world.  The protocol provides the most powerful multi-chain toolkit to access blockchain infrastructure, earn yields, and integrate DeFi solutions.

Where to find Ankr Protocol:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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