A Look at Pi Snake from Pi Chain Mall

by BSC News

January 12, 2023


Pi-Snake allows Pioneers to control their little snakes and compete with other players to earn Pi.

Pi-Snake GameFi Gains Traction

On Monday, January 10, BSC News reported the addition of the first-ever combat Play-To-Earn (P2E) GameFi, Pi-Snake, on PiChain Mall’s gaming suite.

While the game is still in its Beta Phase, it has attracted many Pioneers in the GameFi space. The protocol’s core team member, Edwin, confirmed the significant number of gamers playing Pi-Snake to BSC News.

“Since our announcement on Twitter, a huge number of pioneers are rushing into the game, and so the server is a bit overcrowded. That's why some pioneers report the game is lagging and they cannot play it. We will continue to scale up the gaming server to ensure a smoother gaming experience,” Edwin told BSC News.

Pioneers can play Pi-Snake with their friends and earn Pi. The game is available on the PiChain Mall gaming portal for interested Pioneers.

Pi-Snake Ecosystem

Pi-Snake features three game modes: Endless Mode, Limited Time Mode, and Bounty Mode. Currently, only the Endless Mode is available in the Beta phase. Edwin stated that the Pi-Snake team is working on releasing the Bounty Mode, which will allow users to compete against each other for Pi rewards.

“Bounty mode will be released soon. So pioneers can use Pi to purchase entry tickets for the game. And users will compete against each other. The winners will get the Pi as the prize!” Edward wrote.

In the Endless mode, players control their little snakes and eat fruits to increase their length or kill other opponents. The more fruits the snakes eat, the more points (length) accumulate. Players will win the grand prize as they reach a specific accumulated length within the game.

Pi-Snake Frontpage

The game also has a shopping mall, which allows players to customize their snake avatars. Further, a ranking list showcases the top players with the highest accumulated lengths.

Pi-Snake Shopping Mall

The Pi-Snake team will continue to update the game to attract more Pioneers and improve the gaming experience for lovers of the game.

How to Play Pi-Snake

  • Download Pi Browser on your mobile phone and link your Pi Wallet.
  • Visit the PiChain Mall gaming suite: http://pcm.games and open Pi-Snake.
  • You can also visit the updated PiChain Mall mainpage with the new URL: https://pipcm.com
  • Click Login to link your Pi Wallet and play the game.
  • Explore Pi-Snake and earn rewards!

What is Pi Network:

Pi Network is a mobile blockchain mining project on a mission to give everyone access to the cryptocurrency revolution. The project was founded by a team of Stanford University Ph.D. candidates who designed a mobile-friendly blockchain mining algorithm.

Pi Network has evolved over the years and has organized a hackathon, built a couple of working Pi blockchain apps, and is now in the final stages of transition to public mainnet.

Where to find Pi Network:

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