Zodia Custody to Begin Offering Yield to Institutions, Backed by Standard Chartered and SBI Holdings

by BSC News

September 19, 2023


Backed by the likes of SBI Holdings and Standard Chartered, Zodia Custody, which raised some $36 million earlier in 2023, is reportedly partnering with OpenEden to bring staking and yield opportunities to institutional customers.

Zodia Custody, will begin offering yield-based opportunities to its institutional customer base. As Zodia opens its doors, institutions will be given the opportunity to capitalize on staking opportunities in the industry, as reported by The Block,

Zodia Custody, which raised some $36 million in funding in Q2 2023, is backed by the venture arm of financial giant, Standard Chartered, in addition to firms such as Northern Trust and SBI Holdings, the latter of which also made cryptocurrency headlines only recently. 

According to reports, Zodia Custody has partnered with OpenEden in order to facilitate yield opportunities regarding assets held in secure custody by Zodia. OpenEden also broke headlines this year, with its goal of offering on-chain ERC-20 versions of US treasury bills.

Zodia’s latest announcement typifies one further step forward on the journey towards meaningful adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets by giants of the traditional financial sector, all across the globe.


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