X World Games: Can Engage-To-Earn Change the Metaverse Experience?

by BSC News

October 31, 2022


Dream Idols: Fantasia by X World Games will introduce the new Engage-to-Earn concept into its platform - but can it bring users into the metaverse?

New Engage-To-Earn for Metaverse

Blockchain engagement has undergone several evolutions over the past year, changing nomenclature from PlayToEarn to PlayToOwn to PlayAndEarn, among others. The latest evolution, Engage-To-Earn, looks primed to help change the way users interact in the metaverse.

Dropping in via a BNB Chain blog on Oct. 21, the novel concept of Engage-to-Earn is built to help solve poor interactivity in metaverses and blockchain gaming. The blog introduces a new project from the team behind X World Games––the popular BNB Chain trading card game––called Dream Idols: Fantasia.

“The Dream Idols project is one such platform that aims to introduce a fully functioning Engage-to-Earn platform for their users,” writes Dardania.BNB. “...But whether Engage-to-Earn or any other protocol will succeed depends entirely on the dedication of the community surrounding it.”

The Engage-to-Earn concept will give users passive income for how much time they participate during metaverse events and interact within the virtual world. Behind the recent news that the unicorn Ethereum metaverse project, Decentraland, has just a few dozen active monthly users, and many metaverses even less, new innovations for engagement are needed. Can Engage-to-Earn be the incentive that coaxes users back into the digital world?

Dream Idols Builds Hype for Engage-To-Earn Launch

The project highlighted in the BNB Chain blog, Dream Idols, has begun creating hype around the project's innovations and is getting ready for launch. With a launch back in October 2022, the team is hoping a wave of attention can show users “what the ultimate metaverse concert will look like.”

The Dream Idols team already released the first Dream Idol character trailer in August 2022, but a new Medium blog, from Oct. 30, brought more news to the community about the upcoming expectations. A second trailer is in the works, debut expectations are aligned for the eight Dream Idol characters, and the announcement of the first metaverse experience event in Spring 2023 gives the community a proper timeline to follow and prepare for engagement.

“As with any SocialFi project, we want to always provide opportunities for our fans to receive rewards for their time spent supporting the project,” the Medium blog explains. “That’s why the Dream Idols team will be injecting up to $1 million dollars worth of tokens as winnable prizes in our Metaverse Concert Pool.”

With a big war chest of tokens to dole out, the novel concept will indeed have enough to entice users to come to Engage-to-Earn in the first events. The beta launch on Oct. 26 to the Binance Mainnet gives the team plenty of time for trial and error before the Spring. The metaverse looks like a key lynchpin to the next stage of mass adoption, and this project’s timeline looks sound for reaching the projected milestones.

What is Dream Idols: Fantasia:

Dream Idols: Fantasia is crypto's first virtual idol group consisting of four themed versions of NFT hero characters from the popular P2E video game Dream Card incorporated with SocialFi fan economics - developed by X World Games.

Where to find Dream Idols: Fantasia

Web | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | GitHub

What is X World Games:

Founded in 2018, X World Games ("XWG") aims to build the next-gen decentralized gaming metaverse. X World Games' vision is to build a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers with the blockchain world and invites more game developers into the crypto space by creating and providing the underlying blockchain framework. With its gaming innovation, crypto game - Dream Card & Hero Card, Metaverse entertainment - Dream Idols, NFT Marketplace and DeFi Pool, X World Games now serves over 2 million registered gamers. It has quickly become the fastest-growing crypto gaming platform in the ecosystem. X World Games is headquartered in Singapore with a 100+ dynamic team located worldwide.

Where to find X World Games:

Web | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | GitHub

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