WINR Protocol Launched Final Beta: Making Way for Mainnet

by BSC News

March 18, 2023


WINR launches final beta to revolutionize crypto gambling, offering a decentralized and secure asset vault for games to utilize and near-instant payouts.

WINR Mainnet Release is Coming Soon

GameFi protocol, WINR, launched its final beta on March 17 with its native WINR token being listed on March 16 at 3:00 PM UTC. The WINR mainnet launch is also scheduled for April 15. 

The WINR protocol creates a decentralized and secure asset vault for games to utilize as additional liquidity when used for gambling. In order to do so, it is creating an automated liquidity asset vault that will allow any game developer to build on WINR and provide near-instant payouts. 

As part of maintaining its decentralized nature, WINR has created a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which anonymously votes on whether to include a game in the WINR pool. As per the protocol, if a game is approved by the DAO and granted access to game liquidity, it can use funds from within the pool without external funding.

The protocol also pays developers a commission. Every vWINR token reward that is paid to developers is rewarded with network commissions from vWINR minting.

A Focus on Providing Ample Liquidity 

The token-valued feature of WINR allows it to provide liquidity on more than one type of platform. 

“So while we're focusing on games of chance and P2E on-chain games that require instant gratifications and rewards for its users, WINR can facilitate liquidity for both Web3 and traditional betting markets,” WINT protocol stated.

Liquidity for the WINR platform is provided by DAI, ETH, and BTC, which together account for 100% of the total pool. The users of the platforms built on the WINR Protocol can stake or vest the vWINR tokens they receive for their bets for real yield on the revenue of WINR Liquidity Pool (WLP). 

The fair launch of WINR on Camelot has already taken place on March 9, 2023.  Further, the Genesis total deposits in WLP vault has reached  $2 million USDC

What is WINR Protocol:

The WINR Protocol is a fully autonomous liquidity and incentive infrastructure designed specifically for on-chain games that require a counterparty asset vault. Developers can create and submit new games to the WINR DAO for inclusion in the protocol. Developers can profit from the incentives generated by their users.

Learn more about WINR Protocol:

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