Why DGG Network's Launch on Arbitrum Can Be a Gamechanger for the Ecosystem?

by BSC News

April 30, 2023


DGG Network's extensive resources and social network provide solutions for gamers, publishers, investors, and key opinion leaders.

DGG Brings Multiple Features

DGG Network, a leading publisher and incubator in Southeast Asia, is set to launch on Arbitrum to support and grow NFT Game projects.

DGG is a Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) game development and media company aiming to boost a million NFT game players worldwide.

As part of the DGG platform, users have access to their wallets and the DGG marketplace. 

The DGG Wallet is a multi-chain wallet that supports NFTs and games with account abstraction technology. As per the protocol, the wallet allows virtual assets to be stored, managed, and transferred at low transaction costs.

Additionally, the DGG Marketplace allows users to trade NFTs across multiple marketplaces. The platform allows users to compare prices and buy or sell multiple NFTs in a single transaction, saving them time and money.

There are three features of the DGG Game Platform:

  • The DDG Scholarship allows scholars to earn in-game tokens without spending money by renting NFT assets from guilds or NFT owners.
  • DGG Tournament enables players to compete for prizes and cryptocurrency with selected NFT games.
  • The DGG Guild connects scholars lacking financial resources with NFT owners who rent out strong NFTs for battles and tournaments.

Additionally, DGG Network's resources and social network offer solutions for gamers, publishers, investors, and key opinion leaders.

With new projects joining the Arbitrum network, the ecosystem has been growing rapidly to offer innovative solutions to enthusiasts of GameFi and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Arbitrum has started distributing 113 million $ARB tokens, worth $154 million, among 125 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) to boost its ecosystem. Further, data from Artemis shows that Arbitrum surpassed Ethereum in daily activity on April 23 with 367.68 transactions to 261.86k for Ethereum. 

Over the last 30 days, the number of active addresses on the Arbitrum Gaming ecosystem has grown by 246%. It's possible that Arbitrum can further enhance its GameFi ecosystem with the upcoming launch of the DGG network.

Arbitrum ($ARB) is trading at $1.36, down 1.53% in 24 hours.

What is DGG Network:

DGG Network is an NFT game development and media company aiming to popularise blockchain technology to most of the world's population through the NFTization of the traditional game industry.

DGG is backed by three media and cryptocurrency industry titans: LaunchZone, DCGR, and Theanh28 Entertainment. DGG Network NFT Game Community After only nine months of operation, it has grown to 132,489 members, making it the largest NFT gaming community in Vietnam.

Learn more about DGG Network:

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