Why $CATCH Token Has Huge Upside Potential

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March 23, 2023


In the new SpaceCatch game, the CATCH token will be fundamental to the gaming economy, serving as a vital component in the game's ecosystem.

SpaceCatch game merges traditional mobile gaming with augmented reality, blockchain, and NFT technologies, and introduces an innovative "move-to-earn" concept.

The CATCH token forms the economic foundation for the SpaceCatch game. The emphasis in designing this gaming token was on sustainability and long-term growth potential, which the developers have successfully achieved. Let's take a look at why CATCH has the potential for massive growth.

SpaceCatch Game

Behind this new token is the new SpaceCatch game. This game combines a classic mobile game with modern technologies like augmented reality, blockchain, and NFTs. This combination will provide players with a completely new gaming experience.

CATCH Tokenomics

The biggest emphasis in token creation was on long-term sustainability. Nowadays, the vast majority of gaming tokens are built on a low initial supply in circulation, with "rewards" provided in the form of this inflationary token, creating no value at all. On the contrary, an inflationary selling pressure is created, which completely disadvantages early adopters - the people who care most about the SpaceCatch game.

That's why the SpaceCatch game developers decided to create a token that would reward early adopters the most and allow for long-term sustainability. An important fact is that almost 60% of all tokens will be in circulation immediately after launch. This significantly reduces future inflationary pressures - traditional gaming tokens start with an initial circulating supply of 5% to 10%. This means that for traditional games, the inflationary pressure is around 1000% to 2000%, while for the CATCH token, it is just under 100%.

The majority of CATCH tokens will also go to retail investors and players during presales. Therefore, there is no significant selling pressure from external investment funds in the future. It's important to note that the game itself is not dependent on external funding because it has enough of its own resources.

CATCH Utilities

In the SpaceCatch game, the CATCH token will act as a premium currency. In traditional mobile games, players have the option to buy various gems for real money, which gives them premium features. In the SpaceCatch game, however, the CATCH token fully takes on this role, functioning as a premium currency and unlocking various bonus features in the game.

It's important to note that CATCH does not serve as a game reward. Therefore, the inflationary selling pressure that players in other blockchain games experience is eliminated. The only inflation that CATCH will create is through staking. It is designed to reward early adopters the most. Currently, staking is programmed for five years, with a halving of rewards every year.

To summarize, CATCH is designed to act as a store of value and increase in value over time.

Final words

The CATCH token forms the basis of the gaming economy for the new SpaceCatch game. It is designed to act as a store of value and to eliminate all selling pressures along with inflation to a minimum. It will play an important role in the game's ecosystem, which, in the case of the game's success, could skyrocket its value.

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