Unveiling cDAO: Your Gateway to the Genuine Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Core Blockchain!

by BSC News

December 8, 2023


Backed by the native $cDAO token, the DAO is 100% led by the Core community.

After a successful launch on the Core DAO Layer 1 blockchain, we have decided to open our Medium page to ensure you are all updated with our industry progress. Suppose you have been following cDAO on Twitter; it is evident that we are establishing a genuine Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the Core community.

On this note, we want to introduce cDAO as the genuine DAO on the Core blockchain, 100% community-led and backed by the native $cDAO token. As we move further in our journey, we promise to keep the community updated with what we have been able to achieve, including partnerships, new milestones, and more.

Now that we know what cDAO is, you might wonder, “What is a DAO?”

What is a DAO?

As stated above, a DAO is an acronym for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is an emerging form of legal structure without a central authority, and members work together with a common goal that suits the protocol’s best interest. In crypto, a DAO is used for decision-making, where token holders can participate in the project’s management.

In simple terms, a decentralized autonomous organization is an entity structure in which tokenholders participate in the management and decision-making of an entity.

The cDAO Ecosystem

We take pride in becoming the first genuine DAO on the Core DAO blockchain. There is no central authority in the cDAO ecosystem. Instead, power is distributed across holders of the $cDAO token. This means that $cDAO holders can collectively cast votes on proposals posted on the blockchain. Further, all votes and activity are publicly viewable, ensuring transparency.


Members of the DAO have the license to put forward proposals that will give a clear direction for cDAO’s development in the blockchain industry. Members with 5% of the total supply of $cDAO (500,000) can propose a proposal. However, it can also be changed via the DAO.

Generally, proposals are ideas that members of the DAO submit for the cDAO community to consider. They are put forward to improve the cDAO infrastructure and facilitate the protocol’s growth in the long run. Since launching on ArcherSwap DEX, we have closed six successful proposals. In our upcoming article, we will shed more light on all six. In the meantime, you can check out all proposals HERE.


One unique feature of our voting system is that anyone can vote. The voting period depends on the proposal. Additionally, voting is weighted, and voters may spread voting power across various choices.

Join the cDAO Ecosystem Today

Less than a month since we went live in the blockchain industry, you are still considered an early adopter. You can join the community and have a say in the protocol’s development. Everyone is a leader, and we are excited to have you join the community.

For those new to the Core ecosystem, so it is supported on Web3 wallets like Metamask and others. Like BNB Chain, Ethereum, and the likes, Core uses a gas token — $CORE — to facilitate transactions.

Here’s how to add the Core blockchain to your Metamask or similar Web3 wallet:

Network Name: Core Blockchain


Chain ID:1116

Currency Symbol: CORE

Block Explorer URL:

You will need to bridge assets to $CORE for gas tokens.

To bridge from other EVM-compatible networks to CORE, visit

How to Purchase the $cDAO Token

Now that you have added the Core blockchain to your wallet, purchasing the $cDAO token becomes straightforward:

1. Visit ArcherSwap DEX:

2. Connect your wallet. Ensure that you are on the Core blockchain before connecting.

3. Click on Trade.

4. Select CORE on the “From” checkbox.

5. Go to the “To” Checkbox and search for the $cDAO token by pasting the contract address below


6. Now, you can buy using the CORE token and swap to $cDAO.

cDAO is building a genuine DAO on Core’s fast and secure Layer1 blockchain, and we are eager to keep you updated with what we have achieved as we continue our steady progress in the industry. While we continue to grow, we urge the community to continue pushing the cDAO narrative to the Web3 ecosystem. We appreciate your tremendous support, and we will continue to make the DAO secure and transparent with more juicy proposals coming up in the future.

Significant updates are coming up, and we are excited that you are all part of it! Make sure you join our socials so you don’t miss out on any updates:

Website | Twitter/X | Telegram 

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