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May 27, 2023


Currently in private sale stage, Talaxeum aims to drive positive change across multiple industries through blockchain technology.

Connecting Real Businesses Through Blockchain Technology

Connecting green projects with the real sector is vital for their sustainability and revenue generation. Talaxeum brings together businesses, the crypto industry, the art community, and the green community to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth.  By facilitating these connections, the platform drives positive change across industries and works towards a more sustainable future.  Individuals are invited to join Talaxeum in creating a powerful force for change and collectively working towards a better planet.

Talaxeum Green Project Launcher: 

Empowering the Green Project Domain

During the TGE, the Talaxeum Green Project Launcher enables users to stake tokens, participate in the Green Project Launcher and Incubator, and use the native token for transactions. By offering early access, it aims to attract a wide user base and build a thriving ecosystem, positioning its platform as a leader in the green project domain.

NFT Art Center: 

Transforming Real-World Experiences for Green Projects

Talaxeum's NFT Art Center transforms real-world events and art performances into tradable NFTs, with proceeds directly supporting green projects in the Green Project Launcher and Incubator. Users can experience the groundbreaking fusion of art and sustainability on the platform.

Building a Symbiotic Ecosystem: 

Driving Value and Sustainability 

The Talaxeum Green Project Launcher establishes a symbiotic economic ecosystem, supporting the growth of TALAX value alongside NFTs, the Green Project Launcher, and the Green Project Incubator. Participants can earn rewards, empower green projects, and contribute to the appreciation of the TALAX token. Users are welcome to join in shaping a sustainable future through the transformative platform.

Decentralized Economic Ecosystem of Talaxeum

Talaxeum created a decentralized economic ecosystem that mutually supports all entities from various communities so that the value of  TALAX token will increase along with the growth and development of green NFT, Green Project Launcher and Green Project Incubator. Talaxeum decentralized economic ecosystem can help to create a more sustainable future for our planet by providing a more equitable and inclusive way to support green projects.

Talaxeum Update News

Talaxeum is currently in the private sale stage, which is an exclusive opportunity for early investors to get involved with the project before its official launch. This private sale stage is open to a limited number of investors who have expressed interest in the project and are willing to commit to a minimum investment amount. The private sale stage provides several benefits for investors, including the opportunity to purchase TALAX tokens at a discounted rate before they become publicly available. This can potentially provide early investors with significant returns on their investment once the tokens are listed on exchanges

The NFT Art Center is an exciting new addition to the Talaxeum ecosystem. The center is a dedicated physical space for the creation and showcasing of NFT art, and it is set to break ground soon. This center will be a hub for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts alike, providing a unique opportunity to experience NFT art in a physical setting. The center will host a variety of events and art performances that will be transformed into NFTs, further expanding the platform's NFT marketplace. This can create a new revenue stream for Talaxeum and provide greater opportunities for artists to monetize their work. Additionally, the center can serve as a powerful marketing tool, generating buzz and interest in the platform and driving more users to participate in the ecosystem. The launch of the NFT Art Center is yet another exciting development for Talaxeum and underscores the project's commitment to innovation and creativity.

Talaxeum is proud to announce that it is now a registered company in the Republic of Seychelles. This is a significant milestone for the project, as it reflects its commitment to transparency and legitimacy in all of its operations. As a registered company, Talaxeum has gone through a rigorous process of legal and financial scrutiny to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. This provides its investors and stakeholders with greater confidence and assurance in the legitimacy of the project. Being registered in the Seychelles also provides Talaxeum with access to a range of benefits, including favorable tax treatment, simplified company incorporation procedures, and access to a stable and investor-friendly regulatory environment. As a result, this will enable it to operate more efficiently and effectively, providing greater value for its investors and stakeholders. Talaxeum is excited to be a registered company in the Seychelles, and it looks forward to leveraging this status to continue its mission of creating a sustainable and innovative blockchain ecosystem.

Talaxeum's testnet staking platform is a critical step in the development of the Talaxeum ecosystem. With over 10,000 participants testing and providing feedback, the platform is able to identify and address potential issues and optimize the user experience before the full launch. This can help to ensure that the platform is robust, user-friendly, and effective, enhancing its credibility and attractiveness to potential investors. Furthermore, the successful launch of the staking platform demonstrates the technical capabilities and expertise of the Talaxeum team, instilling confidence in the project's ability to deliver on its promises. Moving forward, the upcoming launch of the green project launcher platform on the testnet is another exciting milestone in the project's development. This platform will enable the launch of sustainable and environmentally friendly projects on the Talaxeum ecosystem, further aligning with the project's mission to support the environment through NFT marketplace. By leveraging the insights and feedback gathered from the staking platform, Talaxeum can optimize the green project launcher platform to ensure that it delivers maximum value to its users.

Talaxeum is proud to announce that it has made several significant deals with launchpads, including its two newest additions, and These partnerships represent a significant step forward for Talaxeum, as they will enable the company to leverage the resources and expertise of these launchpads to help bring its project to a wider audience. Through these partnerships, Talaxeum will gain access to new marketing and promotional opportunities, as well as technical expertise and support, to help ensure the success of its project. In addition, these partnerships will help the company to build strategic alliances with other blockchain projects and communities, providing a wider range of opportunities for collaboration and growth. The addition of and to its list of launchpad partners is a testament to the growing recognition and interest in the Talaxeum project, and the company is excited to continue building new partnerships and alliances as it moves towards its official launch.

In addition to its partnerships with launchpads, Talaxeum is also excited to announce that it will soon be launching on BitMart, a leading centralized exchange (CEX), and PancakeSwap, a popular decentralized exchange (DEX). These listings will provide the company's investors and community with greater access to TALAX tokens, making it easier for them to participate in the project and contribute to its mission of creating a sustainable and innovative blockchain ecosystem. The company believes that these listings will provide greater liquidity and market exposure for TALAX, driving further interest and investment in the project.

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