Streamlined Blockchain Deployment: Ankr's Solutions Now Available on Azure Marketplace

by BSC News

June 8, 2023


Revolutionize blockchain deployment with Ankr's Enterprise RPC and AppChain solutions on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Discover the seamless integration that's transforming the future of blockchain technology.

Ankr and Microsoft Azure Join Forces to Accelerate Blockchain Adoption

Ankr, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, has announced the availability of its Enterprise Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and AppChain solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The strategic partnership aims to simplify the deployment of blockchain-based applications and enhance the accessibility of Ankr's cutting-edge solutions to a broader audience.

Ankr's Enterprise RPC solution provides developers with a high-performance, reliable, secure connection to interact with blockchain networks. By leveraging Ankr's RPC infrastructure, developers can access and query blockchain data without setting up and maintaining their own network nodes. This simplifies the development process and reduces the operational overhead of managing blockchain infrastructure.

Ankr's AppChain solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to facilitate the development and deployment of app-specific blockchains to power Decentralized Applications (DApps). It provides a flexible and scalable environment for building blockchain-based applications, enabling developers to focus on creating innovative solutions rather than dealing with complex infrastructure setups.

By making its Enterprise RPC and AppChain solutions available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Ankr enables developers and enterprises to easily access and deploy blockchain infrastructure alongside other cloud services offered by Microsoft. This integration further streamlines the adoption of blockchain technology by eliminating the need for manual configuration and providing a seamless experience within the Azure ecosystem.

With Ankr's robust solutions integrated into the Azure ecosystem, the barriers to entry for blockchain adoption are significantly lowered, opening up new opportunities for innovation and growth in various industries.

For more information about the integration, refer to the Ankr publication.  

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