Shido Launches Next-Generation Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem and Crypto Card

by BSC News

March 1, 2023


Shido is an emerging crypto and blockchain technology platform. Recently, the company introduced its Ecosystem and various DeFi Utilities.

Shido Launches Next-Generation Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem

Stockholm, Sweden - Shido, the next-generation Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem, announces the launch of its innovative platform and suite of DeFi utilities. The ecosystem includes the Shido Chain, a Layer 1 Sharded PoS Blockchain that is Smart Contract based and offers the perfect balance of security, decentralization, and unlimited TPS through the sharding solution. 

The ecosystem also includes the Shido Wallet, a next-generation DeFi Wallet with a unique set of features, including a Biometric 2-Layer Security and authentication.

Shido Wallet

In addition to the wallet, Shido offers the Shido MasterCard, a Crypto Debit Card, and Banking Service available in over 158 countries worldwide. The Shido Dex is a decentralized exchange and DeFi aggregator, and the Shido Perpetual Dex is a next-generation V2 layer offering perpetual trading and collateralized loans. The Shido Market NFT is an innovative open NFT marketplace, and the Shido Games P2E is set to revolutionize the P2E gaming world.

Shido token is powered by Shido Smart Contract and is deployed on the BNB Chain and Ethereum Network (ETH). Shido’s liquidity is burnt forever. The company launched with a fair launch, with no presale or private sale, and has grown organically with a strong foundation. Shido recently expanded to the Ethereum Network, opening new investment opportunities and the possibility for its cross-chain ecosystem between the networks and Shido Chain.

Shido MasterCard

Furthermore, Shido Global will launch a series of utilities and platforms over the coming months, generating revenue independently and providing value to its users and investors. 

The focus of the Shido Ecosystem is on security, quality and usability, and the team is committed to bringing DeFi one step closer to mass adoption.

In conclusion, the team behind Shido is dedicated to delivering an exceptional project that meets the expectations of the community. With experienced members, the company strives for transparency and open communication. Shido is constantly looking for talented individuals to join the team and help them achieve their goals. 

About the Company – Shido

The formation of the Shido Ecosystem began in the autumn of 2021, as a team of knowledgeable crypto developers and investors joined forces to create the ideal defi crypto project. Their mission is to provide a secure and accessible entry into the world of cryptocurrency for investors, bridging the gap between traditional finance and digital assets. The company is just starting its journey and looks forward to working with its community to achieve its goals. Join the Shido community through any of its social platforms.

Potential users can visit the following links for further details: 

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Media Details:

Company Name: Shido Finance Ltd.

Person Name: Bjorn Bonnevier

Address: Stockholm, Sweden

Email Address: [email protected]

Website: https://www.shido.io/