SellToken Launches the World’s First DEX Short-Trading Aggregation Platform

by BSC News

April 3, 2023


The platform's unique approach eliminates the risk of funds attack, ensuring a trading experience that is both safer and fairer for users.

SellToken, the pioneering decentralized short-trading exchange based on smart contracts, is proud to announce the launch of its short-trading aggregation platform. The platform operates entirely on unmodifiable smart contract code, ensuring complete security and reliability in every transaction.

SellToken offers users a unique trading experience compared to traditional centralized exchanges (CEX) that conduct forced liquidation when opening short price positions, exposing traders to malicious price manipulation by large whales. SellToken does not engage in these practices, resulting in a more transparent and user-friendly approach.

All cryptocurrencies can be shorted on SellToken at any time and anywhere, and ERC20 token project parties can add irrevocable short liquidity. The platform currently supports BNB Chain’s BNB and USDT trading pairs, with support for the Ethereum Chain launching soon.

To promote the platform and reward users, SellToken has announced a 5% supply airdrop of its SELLC token.

Security is SellToken’s top priority, which is why the platform underwent a thorough security audit by CertiK, a leading blockchain security auditing firm. SellToken emerged from the audit with no critical or high-risk vulnerabilities, indicating its exceptional standards of security and reliability.

SELLC Global IDO 5% Airdrop in April.

The SELLTOKEN platform enables TRDT as follows:

  • All tokens across the network short order 1% pull TRDT
  • Network-wide project parties create their own token short pool BNB fees, and buy TRDT in real time to return to the TRDT short pool
  • Using BNB to mine TRDTs will result in 10% destruction of TRDT

TRDT contract


Platform currency contract


(April IDO)

SellToken is the world’s first platform to offer a decentralized short-trading aggregation tool. The platform’s unique approach delivers a safer and fairer trading experience for users, with transactions executed on smart contracts, eliminating the risk of fund attacks and theft.

SellToken invites traders to join its revolution in short trading, enjoy its enhanced benefits, and experience a new level of financial freedom.

To learn more, visit the official SellToken website at and read the whitepaper.

CertiK audit | Twitter | Telegram

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