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SafeMars: An Autonomous Yield and Liquidity Generation Protocol

Get rewarded for holding your tokens doing absolutely nothing. Safemars is among the list of frictionless yield tokens offering long-term holders automatic yields.

What is SafeMars?

SafeMars autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol is created to reward holders while increasing both liquidity and value.

Simply hold SafeMars tokens in your wallet, and you will get more. On each transaction, the protocol automatically distributes rewards to holders as well as auto-locks a portion of the fees as liquidity forever.

Key Features

  • Automated Yield and Liquidity Generation Protocol
  • Auto-lock Liquidity Forever
  • RFI Mechanics
  • Deflationary

Project Components

SafeMars rewards users without them encountering the risk of impermanent loss (IL) associated with liquidity provision(LP) on Dex automated market makers (AMM). SafeMars protocol launched on the 13th of March. It has been embedded with features that will burn transactions, reward holders, and automatically transfer tokens into BNB/SAFEMARS LP for added liquidity.

RFI Mechanics: Following the innovative token redistribution design of the RFI token, SafeMars is adopting the same principle in its token structure. All transactions incur a 2% fee which are distributed proportionally across all holders. Holders are rewarded for the success of SafeMars and do not have to be exposed to impermanent loss associated with LPs stake mechanism. The amount of rewards increases over time as long as the investor HODLs.

Automated Yield and Locked Liquidity Generation Protocol: SafeMars was launched with an initial supply of liquidity in the form of BNB/SAFEMARS LP tokens. Ownership of the tokens was renounced and sent to the burn address. Additional liquidity is automatically added to the SAFEMARS pool from the 2% fee generated from each transaction. 

In result, the token has a permanently increasing-price floor in addition to an effectively reducing circulating supply that is forever locked in the liquidity pool. This further ensures the safety of investors’ funds as the token is unruggable and is continuously burned.

Deflationary: Following the launch, 53.51% of the total supply was sent to the black hole, permanently reducing the supply and creating scarcity for the token. The black hole is classified as a SAFEMARS holder as it also receives shares from each transaction fee. Each share is burned, resulting in a reducing circulating supply for the token.

The token has achieved significant updates and progress. SafeMars recently listed on Coinmarketcap and has launched a sister coin SafeEarth on the Ethereum blockchain. Its first NFT Tweet auction is already live on the OpenSea NFT market. The SafeEarth project is currently working on finalizing its 50 ETH donation to the TheOceanCleanup.

A fundraising event for the WhiteBit exchange listing has been completed and is to be listed in the next couple of days, and the CERTIK renowned crypto audit firm has been engaged in auditing the codes. At the time of this review, the holders level has surpassed 39k. This and other project updates are contained in this Medium released post.



Total Supply - 1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000

Black Hole Burn - 535, 140, 000, 000, 000

Team Wallet - 60, 000, 000, 000, 000

Presale Supply - 404, 860, 000, 000, 000

Smart Contract - 0x3aD9594151886Ce8538C1ff615EFa2385a8C3A88

Black Hole Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead



  • Contract Audit
  • Marketing and Social campaigns
  • DEX/CEX listings
  • Community Governance
  • Charity Fundraisers


  • NFT Farming
  • Ecosystem Development
  • Implementation of Community Ideas

Achieving community governance will give the project an organic boost as pretty much all of the platform developments will be determined by the community. NFT farming and full ecosystem development will bring SafeMars up on the same level with NFT offering projects which is currently experiencing a wave of incredible hypes.

The charity fundraiser’s event has already begun together with the Whitebit listing fundraising observed in its Telegram community. This will allow a real-life application of crypto to individuals who are yet to understand how the ecosystem works.

In Conclusion

SafeMars presents an excellent solution to the reward system within the Defi ecosystem. Creating an earning ability without exposure to the risk of Impermanent Loss (IL) will forever drive value to the project.

Due to the increasing rise of RFI-type projects, offering essentially the same features, SafeMars will distinguish itself through its value provided to the community by implementing governance and the charity foundation. The project is the closest competition to the SafeMoon project.

For users who wish to learn more about SafeMars, check out the following resources and media pages:






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