Remembering Events: Articles Covering BSC News Events

by BSC News

August 9, 2022


A selection of articles covering past BSC News events and what to expect from them.

BSC News Events

When BSC News started holding events, BNB Chain (then known as Binance Smart Chain) was amid an incredible growth surge. At the time, while there was news coverage of BNB Chain developments, there hadn’t been many - if any - events that sought to promote awareness and discussion of BNB Chain DeFi.

With Battle of the Dapps, AMAchella, and Web3 Summits, BSC News has strived to bring users exciting events that showcase industry-leading projects as well as crucial technological developments. As BSC News prepares for the return of Battle of the Dapps on August 10, understanding how these events operate could be beneficial for new attendees.

Below is a selection of articles that pertain to past BSC News events.

A Year in Review: Top BSC News Events

2021 was the year that BSC News first introduced DeFi events. The first AMAchella, Battle of the Dapps, and multiple summits were held, as well as a special ‘birthday bash’ celebrating BSC News’ anniversary. This article goes over some of the top events of the year and gives insight into what made the events popular.

Read the article here.

BSC News Presents: Battle of the Dapps

As the August 10 date for the return of Battle of the Dapps swiftly approaches, newer BSC News readers may need an introduction to what the event is exactly. This introductory article explains the basic format of the event and what it brings to both BNB Chain and the BSC News community.

Read the article here

BSC News Hosts AMAchella

One of the most crucial elements in building a DeFi community is maintaining honesty and transparency. Holding AMA sessions where projects openly answer questions and discuss concerns is vital for building trust with users. This article covers the BSC News AMAchella event in which a group of projects joins BSC News in a roundtable session.

Read about AMAchella here

What AMAchella Taught Us About NFTs on BNB Chain

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) began to trend significantly around the time BSC News started to hold events. Our second AMAchella reflected this by inviting top BNB Chain NFT projects to come discuss the future of the technology on the blockchain.

Read about what was discussed here.

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