PixelSweeper Coming Soon to Sweep NFT Floors

by BSC News

April 2, 2022


Get your brooms ready NFT holders, the floors are ready to be swept.

NFT Sweeps For All

A new NFT project is coming to BNB Chain this is ready to knock your socks off and sweep the floors of top NFT projects. Dropping in the second half of April on a date to be determined, PixelSweeper NFTs will begin assault on the floor prices of BNB Chain NFTs like PancakeSwap’s Squadies, while simultaneously raising the bar for the whole community.

The news of PixelSweeper has been building for some time amongst a close squadron of BNB Chain NFT collectors, and finally, a blog post from March 29 laid out the plans for the project. Simply put, the group will buy up the floors of NFTs on BNB Chain and redistribute them to the PixelSweeper holders. The project features an all-star cast of BNB Chain NFT influencers, including Weso of Beefy Finance notoriety; Fab, the reputable PancakeSwap OG; and KC, one of the founders of BNB Chain Growth Alliance

“The PixelSweeper team is one of the most talented teams I’ve ever worked with. This project is a passion project for all of us,” KC, the Project Manager of PixelSweeper, exclusively told BSC News. “The project is about showcasing high-quality 3D art and artists on BNB Chain, while giving back to the BNB Chain NFT ecosystem as a whole.” 

A total of 10,000 NFTs will be minted in all, and only holders of select NFTs on the BNB Chain will be eligible for minting. Users who hold specific NFTs from Oddblocks, BitPunks, and Sweet Stacks will be eligible for pre-sale opportunities to get things started. The PixelSweeper holders will be able to help decide which NFTs are next in line to be swept and redistributed to the community.

There is a growing feeling among many NFT projects on BNB Chain that a rising tide can lift all boats. The idea is to build out the NFT communities of multiple projects while increasing the value of NFTs and the entire BNB Chain ecosystem. The PixelSweeper group is not here to sweep the floors and high-tail from the situation. 

“With 95% of mint proceeds ($900K) being pumped back into the BNB Chain NFT community, we’re not here to get rich, we’re here to build and grow together,” KC told BSC News.

In a similar ethos as the BNB Chain Growth Alliance, the group seeks to build a positive NFT environment that can benefit the holders of PixelSweepers and the entire community. The first NFTs on the radar of PixelSweeper are PancakeSwap’s PancakeSquads. 

Keep an eye out for more information regarding the mint in the coming days!

What is PixelSweeper?

PixelSweepers is a set of 10,000 ERC721 3D NFTs on BNB Chain. 9,500 PixelSweepers will be available for mint. 500 NFTs will be reserved for marketing and the team. The project plans to sweep the floor on different BNB Chain NFT collections and redistribute those NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders. PixelSweeper NFT holders will eventually be able to vote on which NFTs will be purchased to be added to the PixelSweeper Pots. 

Where to find PixelSweeper:

Website | Telegram | Twitter |

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