Over 100 Ex-US Officials Urge State Department to Act on Binance Exec's Arrest in Nigeria

by BSC News

June 7, 2024


Gambaryan, a former IRS Special Agent, was detained in Nigeria in February on charges of money laundering and tax evasion, which his supporters claim are false.

More than 100 former U.S. federal prosecutors and agents have come together to call on the U.S. Department of State to act to secure the release of Tigran Gambaryan from Nigerian custody. 

June 6 letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken stressed the urgency of the situation, criticizing the government's efforts as "wholly lacking" and warning of potentially dire consequences.


Gambaryan, who served as an IRS Special Agent for a decade, leads Binance's financial crime compliance team. He was arrested in Nigeria in February and charged with money laundering and tax evasion. 


His former colleagues insist these charges are false and that he is being used as a scapegoat for the company's actions, which Nigerian officials have blamed for devaluing the naira.


The letter highlights Gambaryan’s contributions to major investigations, including cases related to child pornography, terrorism financing, and public corruption. Former colleagues vouch for his dedication to the rule of law.


Earlier on June 5, 16 members of Congress have written to President Joe Biden and Secretary Blinken, calling for Gambaryan’s case to be treated as a hostage situation by the State Department’s special envoy for hostage affairs.

Health and Legal Concerns

Gambaryan's health is reportedly deteriorating in Kuje prison, where he is suspected of having malaria and a severe throat infection. Despite a court order to move him to a hospital, Nigerian officials have refused the transfer. 


As per reports, the Binance Exec. has not been allowed to speak with his lawyers or family, further complicating his situation. His captivity is described as "not only unjust but inhumane" by his supporters.


The detention of Gambaryan has heightened diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Nigeria. Meanwhile, Nigeria has defended its prosecution of Binance and its executive, Tigran Gambaryan, for alleged illegal cryptocurrency trading. 


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