Ninneko "Rescues" GameFi Market With Guild War Tournament Event

by BSC News

June 23, 2022


The Guild War Tournament is one of the activities in the "Make Ninneko Great Again" campaign to call for support from the Ninneko community.

Make Ninneko Great Again 

“Make Ninneko Great Again” is a campaign launched by the Ninneko development team in the community to call for acts of support from players (each player is a marketer) and includes a series of activities aimed at keeping players in the community. 

Previously on June 13, Ninneko had released the MasterChef event for the community with a huge reward worth up to $100,000. Immediately the sign of the Mata token turned positive, going against the red signals of the market. 

The amount of $MATA burned is more than $MATA minted

Following that success, Guild Wars Tournament was officially launched on June 17, becoming a fiercely competitive playground to create opportunities for gamers to compete for exciting prizes.

Ninneko reached the Top 10 Metaverse Gainers after announcing the opening of the Guild Wars Tournament

Ninneko Guild Wars Tournament

In this "Make Ninneko Great Again" campaign, Ninneko seeks to bring change to the GameFi market with unique events and attractive prizes. The Guild Wars tournament will be especially stressful and thrilling, and the prizes are equally significant. As announced by the organizers, one of the most valuable gifts of this event is White List Land for the upcoming NFT land sale.

Follow the Ninneko Guild Wars Tournament event

Players who reach the top ranks of Guild Wars will have the opportunity to immediately receive thousands of GuildCoins and many artifact shards. 

The top-ranking gamer will immediately receive a very limited White List Land. After that, they can just sit back and relax without having to fight for NFT Land with anyone. Players can rest assured that although Land is open for sale in limited quantities, the profit is unlimited according to Ninneko. Land owners will have the opportunity to receive 3 Wild Cats (extremely rare), and other benefits that will be revealed in the near future.

According to Ninneko's announcement on Twitter, the tournament time is from June 17 to August 2 with three competition stages:

  • Round 1 will be from June 17 to July 8
  • Round 2 will be from July 18 to July 28
  • Final round will be from August 1 to August 2

In the first round, the guilds will have to compete fiercely with hundreds of other guilds to be able to enter the top 32 guilds with the most stars to move on. In the next round, the guilds of the top 32 will be divided into 16 pairs that will have to fight each other to find the ones that reach the final round.

Potential Rebound

With this Ninneko Guild Wars Tournament event, the Ninneko team predicts that MATA and NINO will rebound strongly and continue to increase in the upcoming events of the "Make Ninneko Great Again" campaign. This team-up event will help bring the community together and ignite passion for new gamers.

Players will need to upgrade guild skills to properly compete, so players need to burn a large amount of MATA to buy purple fish. At the same time, the user must continue to devote MATA in order to spin for red items and red artifacts.

In addition, this Guild War competition will be the premise for the next bigger tournament with more valuable prizes.

Twitter Campaign

Following the same event, Ninneko is also holding a mini-game to support the "Make Ninneko Great Again" campaign by having gamers post a picture of Ninneko containing the hashtag #Ninneko #Makeninnekogreatagain. Players will both help the Ninneko development team and immediately receive 2,000 GuildCoins. Users have the opportunity to receive 100,000 Guild coins for the 10 luckiest players.

About Ninneko

Ninneko is a PlayToEarn game featuring NFT characters in forests and mystery villages. The NFT characters (cats) have a unique combination of hair, tail, ears, eyes, mouth, and hands. The BSC-based role-playing game involves nurturing the cat character Ninneko and fighting enemies in the player versus player or player versus enemy battles. 

The platform also features a high utility token for using various features in the game. Ninneko stands out from regular Idle games with its breeding system, where players can enjoy the game using diverse characters.

For more information about Ninneko, visit the following links:

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