NBOX AMA Transcript

by BSC News

June 10, 2022


" A blockchain guild service bridging to metaverse "

1. Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA witb NBOX! Firstly, please introduce yourselves and the team behind NBOX


Hi Everyone,this is Eden, I am NBOX Marketing Manager,thanks for having me here, hope we will have a great time together!

About NBOX and Team:

A Blockchained Guild Service Bridging to Metaverse

NBOX is an encrypted path to a remote spacetime in metaverse that opens infinite possibilities to adventurers. Without any ruling superpower, people may form their own decentralized communities through DAO2.0 protocol and open to the vast gameverse. Free-wills decide the game rules that are written in blockchained contracts. The early metropolis of crypto civilization is then built and flourishing in this yet discovered corner of metaverse.

The NBOX team are from various of dimensions of our universe: RD elites of world’s top gaming companies, nature born gamers from every corner of the network, mathematicians that speak algebra language as mother tongue, and of course the crazy coders of blockchain idealism. And most of all, our players, our communities, our consensus, are playing the very key role in the equation!

Let me share NBOX introduction video:

2. Can you tell us what inspired you to create (or the creation of) NBOX?


NBOX, the Nth power of BOX, it is a box of infinite possibilities, giving it aggregation and connection attributes, including the aggregation of people, the connection of people and blockchain, the interaction of people and games, and the combination of blockchain and games. Our original intention of NBOX is to create a DAO2.0 autonomous guild metaverse ecosystem for everyone's participation and win-win situation, and to make the connection between people simpler. Based on this, we are currently planning to launch content including NFT, Token, Guild, GameFi, DeFi, GuildFi and SocialFi. Of course, the type of content can be infinitely rich, and the future development into what form is not limited by technology and product design, but by the imagination and creativity of the team and participants.

Different from other single GameFi products, the game is only a part of it. It is a Dapp based on BNB Chain(will be extended to other networks in the future). With Play to Earn as the core, to obtain income through NFT mining, GuildFi, GameFi, item trading, etc., and realize wealth growth.

The core advantage of NBOX is to realize guild DAO autonomy through blockchain technology and smart contract applications. We also have unique innovative applications for blockchain technology and economic models, so there are no comparable products on the market as a whole. Guild DAO autonomy is only the beginning of a mature model. DAO2.0 is our goal. A guild governance model based on intelligent algorithms and free from human interference will be realized, and we are working hard to prepare for this.

Compared with other projects, NBOX will pay more attention to the balance, such as the balance of new and old users, the balance of old and new guilds, the balance of payment and revenue, and the balance of token economy, so that members who join at any time can get long-term benefits that are several times the cost after short-term payment. We have the technical strength and capital to support the stable operation of the project, and users can witness the growth of a great project together with us.

The art design of NBOX is performed by a team of top international artists. Whether it is NFT setting, web page visual design, game scene setting, and game animation production, the visual effects presented are far higher than the industry average.

3. One aspect on your website I find very interesting is the N-Guard section which I've linked here, can you talk to us about N-Guard and minting your own NFT?


NBOX first NFT is N-Guard, it is worth noting that all the NBOX play can not be separated from this N-Guard. Specific description as follows.

First of all, N-Guard is the first NFT of NBOX platform, any registered user can DIY his appearance according to his personal preference, choose different halo can get different initial hash rate, one account can only have one N-Guard, and the appearance is unique, through the contract address can be checked in BscScan. Its art settings by the top international artists, has launched 10 series with different styles, covering cute, cool, naughty, domineering and other styles. More series will be updated continuously to meet the different aesthetic needs of users in different countries and regions.

Secondly, mining is the basic ability of N-Guard, from the moment it is born after DIY, it can automatically mine NBOX tokens by eliminating the Exotics, NBOX tokens is a kind of cryptocurrency on the BSC smart chain (token contract address can be found in the white paper), the official buyback will held on June 30th at the initial price of 1 NBOX=0.1 BUSD, then it will be put on DEX for circulation. The level of N-Guard can be upgraded by feeding, and the hash rate will be increased as well, so the mining efficiency will be higher. Upgrade consumes BUSD or NBOX tokens.

Thirdly, N-Guard is also the main character of the game in GameFi. Take the first game as an example, its level and hash rate will have an impact on the game's character combat effectiveness and token acquisition. In addition, you can imagine that in PVP, your opponent is defeated by your elaborate DIY N-Guard, which is a kind of bragging right in itself.

In the future, N-Guard will be able to trade like other NFTs. As to whether it will be a centralized or decentralized trading platform, it will be announced at an appropriate time.

4. Can you tell us about a few things mentioned on your site such as the DAO model, Divine Beast, Guild Funds and also, creating and joining a guild?


The common GameFi guild (GuildFi) conforms to the idea of Web3, adopts the DAO governance model, and solves the problem of excessive centralization in the organization. It provides introductory teaching services for cryptocurrency, provides scholarship (props rental) services, and issues its own tokens. Coin holders have the right to vote on community development, make information open and transparent, and share dividends of guild development. These are the biggest differences compared to Web2 traditional online games.

NBOX Guild is a highly scalable GuildFi system with natural social attributes.Every player can create their own guild here or find a suitable guild to join, gaining a sense of achievement and tokens at the same time; in addition to feeding the Divine-Beast NFT mining, the guild ranking, guild fund, guild PVE, guild PVP and other contents will be opened in the future. Playability can be expanded infinitely.

1.On the basis of inheriting the above-mentioned GameFi guild governance model, the NBOX guild system has been, is and plans to do some optimizations and upgrades to discard complexity and simplicity, and take into account its own characteristics. We define it as GuildFi 2.0. The creation and operation of NBOX guild does not require a huge reserve of funds for purchasing NFTs. Players only need to pay a small amount of founding fees to become the chief and adopt a Divine-Beast. Members join the guild with N-Guard, and they can share the benefits from Divine-Beast Mining and GameFi. Guild members' contribution and benefits are proportional. In addition, the NBOX token itself is the guild DAO governance token, and there is no need to add new tokens. Everyone can vote in the community according to their token number. From this point of view, it can be run in a relatively easy way and greatly lower the guild management threshold.

2.From the perspective of system structure, the other DAO guilds are the platforms based on the guilds, while NBOX's guilds are guilds based on NBOX platform. The biggest difference is that the former is an open-source ecosystem, while the latter is a closed-loop ecosystem. This is a relative metaphor and can be compared to Android and IOS in the operating system. The risk of YGG-type guilds lies in the choice of GameFi. Since the guilds do not develop games themselves, guilds and the games they choose are just partner relationships, and they have low control of game development quality. Although choosing the high-quality game can make the guild profitable quickly, choosing the wrong game will bring nothing and even loss. Besides, you cannot figure the GameFi quality out in the early stage, so the loss will be unpredictable.

In contrast, the NBOX guild itself is a part of the closed-loop ecosystem, and we develop games by ourselves. Although it will be opened as developer platform in the future, third-party games are also entered based on the established standards and specifications of the platform, which is as stable and reliable as the APPs on IOS. Most games will be made for the guilds, which means that, according to their token possession proportion, guild members can highly advise the game designation through community. In this way, players will get a quick response from NBOX, and the game quality must meet the expectations of the players. After all, all risks in the closed-loop are controllable.

3.Interestingly, the NBOX guild itself is an NFT, which can be traded in the future. The guild can increase the value of the guild by recruiting high-quality members, improving the level of the Divine-Beast, the season ranking in the game, and the operation of the guild funds. As the chief of the guild, you can run your guild like a football club, making it a valuable brand. Once it can be traded, its value is infinite.

4.Although the existing guild DAO governance has solved part of decentralization problems, it still cannot avoid bugs caused by human intervention. This is reflected in the organizational model and economic distribution, which results in a dilemma that large and medium-sized elite players dominate the game and small fund players are difficult to participate in. Our concept is based on smart contracts, using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to completely get rid of human intervention and completely realise decentralization. We call this guild governance model DAO2.0.

The president creates the Divine-Beast for the guild, which is an NFT,and can be customized its exclusive image and trade in the market;The guild can recruit members when it has a Divine-Beast, Collective breeding can increase its hash rate, so as to improve the guild's benefits;The Divine-Beast can also automatically keep mining 24hours a day, its mining revenue will be much higher than N-Guard; The Divine-Beast can also help to improve N-Guard combat power in game and enhance the game production revenue.

The guild fund is a fund pool within an organization, which exists in the form of equity. The income distribution ratio is determined according to the contribution of members. There will be many application scenarios of the fund in the future, and members can vote to determine the use of the fund. Since the guild system is still under development, the final form may be different from the current description, please pay attention to our follow-up announcement.

If you have enough confidence and outstanding management ability, then take actions and use convenient tools provided by NBOX platform to create your own guild. As an administrator, you need to pay more time and attention, while at the same time you can enjoy more generous welfare than ordinary members as well. Your talent and all of your efforts will pay off in a visible way. When your accumulated popularity reaches a certain level, it will attract more outstanding talents into your unique guild.

If you are still confused about the various functions of the platform, why not try to join a guild?Moreover, find a guild that suits you and join it, and by upgrading Divine-Beast’s level and hash rate with your guild members, you can quickly increase your mining income. In addition, you can compete fairly for management positions based on your contribution to the guild, thereby earning higher returns than other members.

5. Can you tell us about the 'Exclusive Privilege' available on the 'Me'/profile section of your platform?

Super Membership Benefits is a event we launched recently. It's a super benefit for NBOX community members. We plan it mainly for the guilds, influencers and community management. Players who register through super link can get NFT and a series of privileges for free. And at the same time,players' consumption will also bring rewards and contributions to the influencers, while the project side will also obtain users. So this activity will eventually achieve multi- wins for the project side, KOL and players.

Currently, the benefits of Super Membership are as follows:

Become a super membership of NBOX not only can get 100 free N-Guards and corresponding double hash rate benefits package for free, get exclusive super invite link, but also get exclusive customer service connection. Any problem can get feedback in time.

6. Can you tell us a little more about user profiles and the various options such as referrals and asset management etc?


Of course, in this section I suggest players can follow the screenshots we shared to understand what the user interface contains.

Player profile is basically divided into 7 sections:  Information - Asset Management - My Invitation - Security - Records -Platform Notifications -Events . Next, we will introduce these sections to you one by one.

The player information interface is more about showing the player's UID, the player's backpack where you can check your vouchers and props, and some official NBOX community links. Super membership event details can also be seen in this interface.

I would like to highlight the NBOX Asset Management interface and My Invitation interface.

The asset management section mainly displays the player's mining production, total production,  player's circulation of NBOX tokens, total circulation of NBOX tokens. And players can also see their balance of BUSD and NBOX tokens here. Stable coins and NBOX tokens can also be deposited and withdrawn in this page.

I think the most important part of players' profile is My Invitation part. NBOX team attaches great importance to the invitation mechanism among the players, and will also give players relatively generous invitation rewards. The general principle is that the more invitations, the more rewards.

Players can invite their friends by sharing invitation links and invitation codes, and as long as the invitee spends money, the inviter will receive 10% of the consumption as a reward. Please note that regular players can only receive the invitation rewards through Level 1 invitations, while Super Membership can receive a 10% reward for Level 1 and a 5% reward for Level 2 .

The invitation mechanism is a long-term one, and it is a great source of income for players who invited a lot of friends!

7. What can we expect in the ‘games’ section of your site?


Games are an important part of NBOX, and our goal is to create a diverse GameFi ecosystem.  

First of all NBOX is a game box, and Super Hero as our first game is already under development. It is a perfect integration of N-Guard, guild, tokens and leaderboard, arena, replicas and other gameplay, and the specific content will be introduced later. NBOX will also be an open platform for developers. In addition to games developed by ourselves, we will also attract excellent game developers from all over the world to publish their works here and integrate them into the NBOX-verse to achieve a shared and win-win situation. In the future, the platform will also provide some entertaining tools, which users can use to create their own decentralized entertainment kingdom.

Super Hero is an NFT strategy card game that combines competition, adventure, strategy, guild and auto-mining. In the game, players can use N-Guard to participate in various battles and gameplay, and enhance their combat effictiveness by cultivating N-Guard and obtaining powerful weapons. The main gameplay includes adventure challenges, arena battles, auto mining, world bosses and guild play. In the adventure game, players can choose different paths to trigger various random events and defeat the final boss to get rewards; the arena game is to win points by battling other players and win the grand prize through ranking; the world boss game in which players can sign up to challenge the boss and get a lot of rewards after killing the boss; the guild will be designed in the game in the future with seasonal battlefields, field dungeon and other more Interesting gameplay.

Here I have a video from the game for you guys

👇For more details about NBOX GAME, please check on our whitepaper

8. Please tell us about the NBOX Token and its utility.

The total supply of NBOX TOKEN is 100 billion, referred to as NBOX. All NBOX tokens will be gradually issued within 5 years. 100% of NBOX tokens need to be mined and minted. We have no airdrops and no preset team share. Everyone, including the project team, needs to mine and obtain production under the same rules. Currently, NBOX supports BEP20, and more networks will be expanded in the future.

The NBOX recycle all NBOX token consumed in upgrading and games. Among these tokens, 80% will be destroyed in destroy pool, and 20% will be transferred to t,.he market mining pool. The team will withdraw NBOX token from the market mining pool according to operational needs for marketing and third-party strategic cooperation.

The initial price of NBOX is 0.1 BUSD. The official NBOX buy back will be held on June 30th 2022. The team will buy back NBOX from Metaverse players at the price of 0.1 BUSD, and will be listed on the exchange at the initial price of 0.1 BUSD

The economic model of NBOX Token is jointly designed by a group of Ph.D. in Computer Science, international AI experts, and blockchain technology scientists. The goal of the model is to solve the problems of other GameFi products existing,like Axie, due to crypto  inflation caused by currency overdraft, which eventually degenerates into a mining and selling model and enters a death spiral. The model has been tested and proven in several rounds and has basically achieved the expected results. In the future, NBOX will be upgraded and optimized based on actual operational data, and will eventually exist in the form of a contract.

As for the application scenarios (utilities and use cases)of NBOX, what we want to say is:

As the main token of the platform, NBOX Token can be used for upgrading the hash rate of N-Guard NFT and Devine-Beast NFT in the centralized part. There will be more use cases in GameFi, and you can also participate in Defi projects in the future. As more and more functions are opened, the application scenarios will also increase. As for the decentralization part, as we all know, the cryptocurrencies circulating on the blockchain are valuable, and so is NBOX. With the success of the project and the decrease in NBOX token production year by year, the value of NBOX will continue to increase.

9. Is there anything I have missed that you would like to mention? Also feel free to once again drop your socials


One of the most anticipated events for NBOXers is the buyback of NBOX tokens on June 30th. As we mentioned earlier, the team will buy back NBOX tokens from players at a price of 0.1 BUSD, with each player buying back at least 20% of their NBOX tokens. This is a promise to our players. There are also many players who are concerned about the future planning of NBOX, including whether it will be put on the exchange, what exchange and when it will be put on the exchange. We understand the eagerness of the players and plan to put up the DEX after the buy back is completed.In addition, the NBOX project will pay more attention to the upcoming guild system and the game . If there is any latest news, we will synchronize it to the Telegram community and NBOX official Twitter. Please pay attention to it, and get the first-hand information of NBOX.

Lastly, we would like to emphasize that in order to attract more users, NBOX has launched 3 new events.

Event 1: Enjoy 1.2 Times Bonus

New Users who register during 6th to 13th June will get 1.2 times revenue

👇More details please check on Twitter

Event 2: Consumption Feast

From 8th to 10th June, players who consume more will get more rewards! One consumption, Multiple Upgrades!

👇More details please check on Twitter

Event 3:

📣NBOX x BSC News AMA N-Guard Giveaway Event🥁

⏰Event Time: 13:00pm-24:00pm 8th June,2022 UTC

🔥Anyone who register your new NBOX platform account during AMA ,Get your N-Guard right now! 🔥

✅Join the Event:

Win a free N-Guard NFT for registering an NBOX account through this link:

1.The first 500 registered players will receive a free level 2 N-Guard NFT, worth 20 BUSD.

2.The first 500 registered players will  also receive a free prop: Double Hash Rate Benefit, which players can get double hash rate by consuming BUSD, maximum worth100 BUSD.

✅Event Rule:

1. Malicious registration is not allowed, or the system will automatically recall the participant's eligibility.

2. Free N-Guard NFT needs to upgrade to level 10, then it will be uploaded on chain.

3. Free N-Guard NFT should be claimed within 1 hours or it will be expired.

4. Free N-Guard NFT limited to 500. First-come, First-served.

5. Please use at least 5 BUSD to upgrade your N-Guard within 72 hours or it will be took back automatically by the system .

6.The final interpretation right of this event belongs to NBOX.

✅ Rewards Distribution::

Sign up directly through the link above to receive the reward, 500 Free N-Guard NFT in total, first-come, first-served.


💌NBOX Official:





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