Leve Invest, Tokenized Wealthtech Startup Announces Important Steps That Will Soon Be Completed on Its Token

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April 18, 2023


The platform aims to democratize and simplify digital investments, and its token is a key part of its strategy.

"Leve Invest " was founded in 2021 in Rio de Janeiro by two local entrepreneurs with over 10 years of experience in Fintech and over 6 years in the cryptocurrency market. Brothers Hugo Abreu (COO) and Renato Abreu (CEO) have teamed up to realize their vision of a truly democratic investment platform.

With the proposal to democratize and demystify digital investments – whether in DeFi or in the traditional market, covering cryptoassets, ETFs, tokens, among others – Leve Invest will create a secure, integrated, and innovative platform for personal investments.

The "LEVE" token was created to drive the startup's growth, with transaction fees that are directed to asset and company management, adding capital to the ecosystem.

It is important to say that Leve Invest has legality in its operations, in addition to trademark registration with the INPI. With this wave of regulation that is being implemented in the market, it is crucial that projects and companies act by legal means and evidence.

With tokenization, Leve aims to invest the capital in investments in the traditional market that can enhance and maximize Leve® growth, capital that is received through the transaction fees of its token. Through Leve®, users will have access to multi-asset investment, which makes it possible to actively return to DeFi. The token will receive 15% of the Net Income from Leve® operations.

After its initial journey, the Leve Invest (LEVE) token – available for trading on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap Since November 17, 2022 and already has more than 10,000 holders - it is preparing for a round of incentives to the core of the project and community.

Among the set of news announced, are two of the most important steps for a cryptocurrency. After several completed steps, LEVE is on track to receive an audit from one of the largest Web3 security, blockchain, and smart contract companies, CertiK.

The second news reported by the project team will be the official announcement of a large listing of the token on a centralized exchange, in which the same will be available for trading on a broker ranked among the top 10 global cryptocurrency markets.

In early April 2023, Leve announced important partnerships with investors. The project team also announced that in the same month, it would make the announcement of two major influencers who will have a stake in the startup.

As a result of the "startup x tokenization" union, Leve Invest has been able to deliver satisfactory results to its token holders in a timely manner, being yet another example of how tokenization coupled with the exponential growth of a startup can drive business.

In addition to the news announced by the project team, the token is listed on major cryptocurrency tracking and ranking platforms.

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