Grab Your Piece of the Pie: Sector Finance Token is Set For Launch

by BSC News

March 20, 2023


Sector Finance is launching its token, $SECT, on Camelot DEX. There'll be 100M tokens available with 10% for public sale with a minimum commitment of $1.5M USDC and a maximum of $4M.

$SECT to Publicly Launch on March 31

The public token launch for Sector Finance token, $SECT, is set to begin at 17:00 UTC on March 29, 2023, and end at 17:00 UTC on March 31, 2023, on Arbitrum's native Camelot DEX.

The maximum supply will be 100 million $SECT, and 10% of that will be made available to the public. There is a minimum total commitment of $1.5 million USDC and a maximum commitment of $4 million USDC for the public launch of the token. 

However, Sector Finance would retain the tokens allocated for the launch if the total committed $USDC is less than 1.5M. In that case, deposited funds will be returned to all participants.

Participants who deposit early and own Camelot's native token, xGRAIL, will be able to join the whitelist launch 24 hours before the public offer begins. As reported, all participants will receive the same fair launch value ("FLV") set at the end of the launch period. For all, the final price would be set as follows:

  • Max = 4M $USDC Commitment / 10M $SECT
  • Min = 1.5M $USDC Commitment / 10M $SECT

Additionally, holders of $SECT can stake, lock, and receive vote-escrowed $SECT ("$veSECT"), which provides governance rights over protocol fees and emissions. There is a vesting period for one-third of the tokens where they would be staked in veTokens for three months. 

Sector Finance will publish specific instructions on participating in the public launch ahead of the launch event.

Incentivized Vault Offering

Sector Finance will increase the Incentive Pool for the Incentivized Vault Offering ("IVO") from 1.0% to 2.0% in celebration of its public launch.

According to the protocol, early depositors will earn $veSECT and $bSECT from the Incentive Pool in addition to the real yield accrued in USDC/ETH. Early depositors will benefit both from short-term upsides and long-term value accruals. 

Participants can earn $bSECT and $veSECT from the Incentive Pool at the end of the Incentive Period when they deposit into either the Aggregator Yield Vaults or Single-Strategy Vaults.

You can learn more about the incentive vault offering here.

What is Sector Finance?

Sector Finance is a product protocol designed to scale the DeFi ecosystem sustainably through diverse yields and unparalleled risk transparency. The protocol is developing risk management tools and investment products to assist the next generation of DeFi users. Sector will run on Arbitrum, and the strategies will work with a variety of ecosystems, including Ethereum Mainnet, Moonriver, and Optimism.

Where to find Sector Finance:

Twitter | Discord | Medium

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