Floki Announces to Build School in India

by BSC News

June 10, 2024


Floki acknowledges India's vast population and diverse culture, posing challenges to quality education.

Floki announced plans to establish a school in India. This move is part of Floki's ongoing global educational initiatives. The platform has already built successful projects in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, and Nigeria.


In a recent social media post, the firm emphasized its commitment to advancing educational development in developing countries.

Addressing Educational Challenges in India

Floki highlighted the significant challenges India faces in ensuring quality education for all. The company acknowledged India's vast population and diverse culture as contributing factors. 


Given these challenges, Floki aims to support educational development in the country. To achieve this goal, Floki has invited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India to collaborate on the initiative. The platform encouraged interested NGOs to join forces to make this project a success. 


Floki's previous school projects have included six blocks of classrooms, with one block dedicated to a computer laboratory. The protocol aims to use this initiative to enhance crypto and metaverse education, boosting their adoption.

Recent Developments in Floki's Ecosystem

On June 4, Crypto trading firm DWF Labs announced plans to buy $12 million worth of Floki (FLOKI) tokens from the open market and the Floki treasury. It follows DWF Labs' purchase of $10 million worth of FLOKI tokens in February, which resulted in a 50% jump in FLOKI prices the following week.


DWF Labs has reportedly facilitated key exchange listings and partnerships with industry participants, helping to boost sentiment around the Floki ecosystem. 


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