Earn Efficiently at Biswap DEX AMM V3: 80% LP Rewards & Limit Orders

by BSC News

September 18, 2023


Biswap's AMM V3 aims to provide efficient liquidity distribution that benefits both liquidity providers and traders.

Biswap is an advancing DeFi ecosystem for efficient capital use which just expanded the landscape for users’ yields with the newly released AMM V3 protocol. The Liquidity Providers earn up to 20% higher LP rewards among BNB Chain DEXs and get automated access to V3 Farms with no additional transactions. At the same time, Biswap traders experience more flexible exchange with limit orders and Auto Routes.

Special offers for V3 Liquidity Providers | 80% LP rewards from dual sources

Liquidity provision has reached a new level in the decentralized universe once the AMM V3 was unleashed to the crypto community's attention. Now, the liquidity is boundless, but investors can easily control it due to the technical patterns of the protocol. While supplying liquidity at Biswap DEX, you don’t only get LP and farming rewards but build your strategy on how to get your capital investments to the highest point of efficiency. Follow along to unravel the AMM V3 perks for liquidity investors. 

80% LP rewards from trading fees

Rewards for liquidity supply are the leading rewards among all the available ones at Biswap. Its value lies in the double income from two streams, as liquidity providers earn from trading fees of regular swaps and limit order fees. 

Multi-tier fees for managing returns

The ability to choose a fee tier for providing liquidity is another tool for liquidity management at Biswap. Liquidity Providers select fee tiers for their liquidity pools: 0.015%, 0.08%, 0.28%, or 1%. The fee tier must benefit traders and liquidity providers, as mutual benefit gets more earnings for each side.

Auto participation with fewer network fees spent in Farms among V3 DEXs

Save on network fees on Biswap V3 Farms without additional LP tokens staking to generate income. Set the range matched with the current price and choose a fee tier with active Farm rewards to receive a passive income in crypto. 

Up to 4000X capital efficiency

Earn more with concentrated liquidity. The narrower the price range you set for liquidity, the more capital efficiency will be. 

Biswap has set up all the processes to maximize optimization and create favorable conditions for LPs. Therefore, introduce yourself to concentrated liquidity and increase your capital further!

Agile trading at Biswap V3: limit orders with a 0% & Auto Router

AMM V3 enhanced the exchange process and ensured a more flexible trading experience for all Biswap users. Auto Router searches for the best fee among protocols while limit orders provide you with no slippage experience at Biswap DEX. 

0% fee and no slippage for limit orders

A limit order allows users to set prices to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This feature enables users to swap even with a 0% trading fee and no slippage. 

Auto Router

The intelligent trading engine processes all available liquidity in the V2 and V3 AMM protocols of Biswap. This way, users’ swaps go through the most beneficial routes, and large trades are executed much faster by Auto Router.

Lower slippage

Concentrated liquidity will reduce slippage by allocating more liquidity at specific price points. Thus, regular swaps will experience less price impact as assets in the pool are supplied with more liquidity. 

AMM V3 on Biswap DEX ensures efficient liquidity distribution that increases the profit from deposited crypto and, at the same time, brings much more beneficial conditions for those who trade within the liquidity pool. Be among Biswap investors and enjoy the power of liquidity!

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