Chirpley Announces Partnership with DegenX to Revolutionize DeFi Ecosystem

by BSC News

September 30, 2023


Chirpley will serve as DegenX's official marketing partner to enhance DegenX's brand and expand its reach across the crypto landscape.

Amsterdam, September 30th - In the midst of a challenging Bear Market phase, Chirpley, a pioneering influencer platform renowned for its unique features in the crypto sphere, has forged a strategic partnership with DegenX.

About Chirpley:

Chirpley, a groundbreaking influencer marketplace specializing in nano and micro-influencers, has rapidly emerged as a trailblazer in the world of social media marketing. With a focus on genuine engagement and authentic brand promotion, Chirpley leverages the power of these influential voices to drive results for businesses of all sizes.

The platform's innovative approach sets it apart from the traditional influencer marketing landscape. Chirpley understands that social media success isn't merely about amassing followers but revolves around meaningful engagement and authentic endorsements. Nano and micro-influencers, often overlooked in favor of larger profiles, possess a unique ability to connect with their audiences on a personal level, fostering trust and loyalty.

Chirpley's robust marketplace connects brands with a curated selection of these influential voices, enabling companies to tap into the potential of niche markets and build brand credibility. Through Chirpley, businesses can collaborate with influencers who genuinely align with their values and offerings, resulting in highly effective and impactful marketing campaigns.

Chirpley's commitment to innovation doesn't stop at influencer matchmaking. The platform offers a suite of tools and analytics to help businesses track campaign performance, optimize strategies, and maximize return on investment. This data-driven approach ensures that every partnership with a nano or micro-influencer yields tangible results.

About DegenX:

Over the past year, DegenX has exhibited unwavering commitment to utility development and fostering collaborative relationships. Soon, DegenX will extend its presence to the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks, with plans for further expansion onto additional chains through the utilization of the celer.network bridge.

DegenX, identified by the ticker symbol $DGNX, made its debut on September 7, 2022, on the Avalanche C-Chain. It stands as an ecosystem of utilities designed to offer a myriad of benefits to its holders:

  • Liquidity Backing (LB): DegenX introduces an innovative feature called Liquidity Backing, where a diverse array of assets, including BTC.b, wETH, and sAVAX, are acquired through revenue generated from $DGNX buy/sell transactions and external revenue sources. These assets are securely stored within the Liquidity Backing reserve. Holders of $DGNX tokens can unlock their share in this reserve by proportionately burning $DGNX tokens. Notably, the value of the Liquidity Backing remains independent of fluctuations in the $DGNX price or trading volume. Additionally, the sAVAX portion of the reserve grows automatically, thanks to an approximate 6% APY on that asset.
  • Broccoliswap: DegenX introduces Broccoliswap, an advanced multi-token, multi-chain aggregator for seamless cross-chain swaps. Broccoliswap simplifies the process, eliminating concerns about setting slippage or unexpected token returns from bridges. Key features of Broccoliswap include obtaining the best swap price by analyzing all available routes, low fees, enhanced security, and a user-focused interface addressing common user frustrations.One remarkable aspect of DegenX's Liquidity Backing is the potential for a user's share of the Liquidity Backing reserve to surpass the market value of their $DGNX holdings. Imagine burning $DGNX tokens to receive an asset like AVAX, which has a higher market value than the $DGNX tokens burned. Users can then repurchase $DGNX tokens at market value, pocketing the difference as profit. Concurrently, the supply of $DGNX reduces, leading to a higher circulating market cap.

The partnership between Chirpley and DegenX signifies a monumental step forward in the cryptocurrency industry. Chirpley, renowned for its unique platform capabilities, will act as DegenX's official marketing partner, spearheading efforts to enhance DegenX's brand and extend its reach through the Chirpley platform.

Chirpley and DegenX are set to make significant waves in the cryptocurrency landscape. For more information, visit DegenX's official website.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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