Chainlink Weekly Roundup: LendeXe, Planet IX, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

by BSC News

March 12, 2023


Dominant smart contract oracle network Chainlink partnered with a DeFi protocol on Ethereum and expanded integrations with a strategy game and NFT project.

DeFi, Strategy Game, NFT Raffles

It’s been another busy week for crypto’s dominant smart contract oracle network, as Chainlink announced initiatives involving a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol on Ethereum, an NFT-based strategy game on Polygon and an NFT project’s raffle draws.

In this week’s roundup:

LendeXe Integrates Price Feeds

Liquidity ecosystem LendeXe has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds to underpin its DeFi products on Ethereum.

LendeXe has two decentralized stablecoins $XSD and $LSD alongside a lending and borrowing protocol. Its features include dynamic lending, Ultimate Loan and Interest-Free Loan.

“Without access to robust and reliable price data feeds, it’s impossible to build secure, feature-rich DeFi functionality. That’s why we chose to use Chainlink Price Feeds — the undisputed industry standard price oracle solution in DeFi,” the LendeXe Finance team said in a Medium post.

Planet IX Integrates Automation

Chainlink Build Program member Planet IX has integrated Automation on Polygon to help trigger batch randomness requests to Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to reduct costs associated with creating Planet IX Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Planet IX has previously integrated Automation for weekly draws. The expanded integration enables the NFT-based strategy game to further optimize its cost structure.

“As best-in-class smart contract automation infrastructure, Chainlink Automation provides us with a secure and reliable execution service that helps us reduce costs associated with the creation of Planet IX NFTs,” Planet IX CEO Karl Blomsterwall said in a blog post.

Sneaky Vampire Raffle Draws

Ethereum NFT project Sneaky Vampire Syndicated has integrated Automation to decentralize its regular raffle draws.

Automation pairs with Sneaky Vampire’s previous integration of VRF to help draw the raffle winners.

“Without Chainlink Automation, we needed either to maintain in-house infrastructure or manually trigger the raffle draw every single time. But like always, Chainlink oracle services helped make our lives easier so we could focus solely on building out great products,” Project Lead Topkek said.

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