BNB Chain Concludes the European Innovation Incubator Program with the Announcement of Project Winners

by BSC News

December 15, 2022


BNB Chain held seven events across seven major cities and succesfully hosted over 500 projects.

BNB Chain European Incubation Tour

  • The first European Innovation Incubator was a resounding success for BNB Chain with 18 sponsors of the program.
  • More than 520 applications came in across Europe, with 31 teams selected.
  • Throughout the program, exclusive meet-ups occurred in seven key cities for the selected projects and local key partners.

BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users, has concluded its European Innovation Incubator with the announcement of its top three winners emerging from the program. Over 520 projects registered within Europe, with 31 innovation-led teams being selected to participate in the program, marking a major success for BNB Chain.

Real Fevr CEO Fred Atunes at event in Lisbon

Throughout the incubator, seven cities were visited for exclusive VIP networking events that welcomed all participants and partners. These events provided a valuable opportunity for projects to connect with industry leaders and potential investors.

The program concluded with an exclusive demo day, where invited partners and the 18 program sponsors chose the winners based on scores from Binance Labs, Binance Research, Polkastarter, Salus Security, Worldpay, MH Ventures, and other partners.

Carlos Prada, Founder of Masterblox, in Lisbon

The project coming in at first place was Wallchain – a team of veteran engineers on a mission to build a healthy, decentralized wealth-being for the Web3 community by giving users cashback when they trade on exchanges.

As winners, Wallchain collaborated with experts in the space who provided industry-leading support, with Yurii Kyparus, Founder and CEO at Wallchain saying:

“the BNB Chain support with partnerships & go-to-market strategy has built the foundation of WallChain for 10x growth.”

Cashmere Labs, an omnichain interoperability MEV Protected DEX Aggregator & Stableswap on LayerZero Labs, and Blockless, a Web3 developer solution that provides end-to-end solutions such as zkWASM prover as a service and smart contract owned, decentralized & dynamic web hosting, both secured the second place title.

Andre Costa of NodeReal in Barcelona

OxFust, Tech Lead at Cashmere said:

“We have learned about fundamental topics such as tokenomics, marketing, contract security and decentralization,” with Michael Chen, Co-Founder at Blockless adding, “it was very exciting to learn more about product and marketing strategies.”

Cora Protocol, Vyper Protocol, AltLayer, Realfevr, and all came in joint third place.

Zoe Wei, Senior Business Director at BNB Chain, said:

“The winning teams have demonstrated exceptional potential and we are excited to see what the future holds for them. Thanks to the sponsors, participants and partners of the program, the incubator was a resounding success and we are already looking forward to the next iteration of the program and the innovative projects that will come out of it.
Dariusz Piaskowski of Legends of Elysium and Kyle Heise of BSC News on a podcast for Skyland Ventures at the event in London

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