BlockDAG's Dev Release 51 Highlights Robust Error Handling in Explorer; Analysts Project $10 BDAG Value by 2025

by BSC News

June 14, 2024


Explore BlockDAG's Dev Release 51, featuring enhanced error handling in the Blockchain Explorer, fueling its presale success. Analysts project $10 value by 2025.

BlockDAG's Development (Dev) Release 51 highlights the impressive development of the enhanced Blockchain Explorer, ensuring real-time updates with robust error-handling mechanisms. This latest update reveals BlockDAG's innovation and reliability, which is vital in maintaining its successful presale trajectory. With the presale surging to $50.2 million and the coin currently priced at $0.0122, analysts project BDAG to reach $10 by 2025. These advancements, alongside the anticipated mainnet launch, position BlockDAG as a top crypto investment, poised for transformative impact in the blockchain landscape.


BlockDAG Presale Nears $50 Million Milestone

BlockDAG recently witnessed a massive hike in its presale, earning over $3 million in a few hours. It currently stands at $50.2 milestone as Batch 18 runs ahead successfully. This unprecedented wave of success has crowned BlockDAG as a top crypto investment, with the current coin price at $0.0122. This price marks a 1,120% surge from the initial Batch 1 price. After this successful presale trajectory, analysts project the coin to reach $10 by 2025. This remarkable presale journey is attributed to the impactful Keynote 2’s release, which showcased the network's technical advancements and future plans, including the highly anticipated mainnet launch.


Moreover, the mainnet launch of BlockDAG is set to be a transformative event in the crypto landscape. During the Devnet phase, significant milestones were achieved, including the development of the Peer-to-Peer Engine, Block & DAG Algorithm, EVM Compatibility and Metamask Integration. With the testnet scheduled for mid-August and bug fixes in progress, the mainnet is poised to go live in the next four months. This strategic timeline reflects BlockDAG's commitment to excellence and innovation, ensuring a robust and advanced blockchain platform for its users.

BlockDAG Dev Release 51: Enhancing Explorer 

The latest BlockDAG Dev Release 51 dives deep into the development of the x1 Miner application and the BlockDAG explorer, highlighting significant progress in both areas. The team is eagerly awaiting the Apple Store’s updates on the x1 Miner application's availability while focusing on enhancing the BlockDAG explorer. The synchronization of blockchain data with the explorer ensures real-time updates, utilizing advanced protocols like WebSocket and HTTP/2 for seamless and efficient communication with the blockchain network.


The sync service, acting as the explorer’s sidekick, fetches and updates data continuously to maintain up-to-date and accurate information. Robust error-handling mechanisms and fallback strategies are integrated to handle blockchain reorganizations and other potential issues, ensuring data consistency and reliability. The explorer's ability to detect and gracefully manage blockchain reorganizations underscores its resilience and reliability.

Understanding the underlying data structures, such as block headers, transactions, and block relationships, is crucial for the sync service's development. The provided pseudo-code demonstrates the basic functionality required for retrieving block headers, transactions and establishing relationships between blocks. This technical insight ensures the service's efficiency in processing and updating blockchain data.

With rigorous testing and optimization, the sync service is fine-tuned for reliability, scalability, and performance under high loads. This release reflects BlockDAG's commitment to delivering a superior user experience, emphasizing continuous improvement and innovation.


The significant upgrades including the robust error handling and real-time updates, as mentioned in the Dev Release 51, enhance the Blockchain Explorer. These advanced technical features also highlight BlockDAG's next-level reliability efforts, fueling investor enthusiasm. These technical upgrades have led to a hike in the presale, which is close to hitting $53 million. With innovative future plans like the mainnet launch, BlockDAG is charging ahead towards achieving the price predictions of $10 by 2025, making the network a promising choice for investors.



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