Bit Hotel Hosts Wasder Guests for Community Event

by BSC News

September 2, 2022


Bit Hotel plans to airdrop playable Wasder avatars to select members of the community to signify their early participation in both platforms.

Bit Hotel to Give Away 1,500 Waser Guest NFTs

Bit Hotel, a social FreeToEarn metaverse game on BNB Chain, is hosting an event in partnership with social gaming platform, Wasder.

“Wasder users will have a chance to acquire a unique Bit Hotel character that never will be minted again,” Kareem, Bit Hotel’s head of partnerships, told BSCNews. “1,000 of these Hotel Guest NFTs are airdropped to Wasder Mystery box holders, another 500 to participants of the giveaway linked in the announcement.”

The event was announced through a tweet on Aug. 30. Wasder characters give players an in-game bonus in terms of earnings. These are playable avatars within the Bit Hotel metaverse that can be equipped starting from the beta. These avatars will be airdropped and signifies the user’s early involvement in both Wasder and Bit Hotel.


Wasder is a multichain social gaming platform that allows users to find friends, join communities, and share content. It’s a social media platform specifically catering to the gamers. Users can meet new friends to form a party and play their favorite game, or discover content through a single collated hub.

It’s token, $WAS, can be spent on cosmetic upgrades, giving tips to your favorite content creator, participating in VIP events, or even challenging other players. Earn $WAS by being an active member of the platform, hosting tournaments, creating content, or ranking high on the community leaderboards.

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