Binance Charity to Initiate $3M BNB Airdrop for Earthquake-Hit Morocco

by BSC News

September 12, 2023


Users residing in the affected area who have completed Proof of Address (POA) before September 9, 2023, will each receive $100 in BNB directly to their Binance accounts. For users who meet POA between September 9 and September 30, 2023, $25 in BNB will be donated to their Binance accounts.

Binance Extends a Digital Lifeline

Binance Charity, the philanthropic arm of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has stepped forward with a relief initiative following the devastating earthquake that recently shook Morocco. For those affected by the natural disaster, Binance has announced an airdrop of up to $3 million worth of Binance Coin (BNB) to its users.

The earthquake, which struck Morocco on Sept. 9, has inflicted significant hardship on its inhabitants. To provide immediate assistance to those in distress, Binance is initiating an airdrop program targeting users in the most severely impacted area, Marrakesh-Safi Province. The identification of eligible recipients will be based on completing Proof of Address (POA) procedures before September 9, 2023.

Users who meet this criterion and reside in the affected region will receive a generous airdrop of $100 in BNB directly to their Binance accounts. This contribution aims to alleviate some of the immediate financial burdens earthquake victims face.

Extending Support to New POA Submissions

Recognizing that many individuals in the affected areas might still need to complete their Proof of Address (POA) submissions prior to the specified date, Binance is extending its support. For any existing user who completes their POA after September 9, 2023, and before September 30, 2023, a donation of $25 in BNB will be made to their Binance account.

Further, Binance's commitment to assisting extends beyond Marrakesh-Safi Province. The cryptocurrency exchange intends to airdrop $10 in BNB to active transacting users throughout Morocco, even those not directly impacted by the earthquake. This gesture aims to foster a sense of unity and shared responsibility within the entire Moroccan crypto community.

Binance's relief efforts are expected to reach an estimated 70,000 Binance users residing in Morocco, offering vital financial support during these trying times. The distribution of funds will commence on September 12, 2023.

Commenting on this humanitarian endeavor, Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ, stated, 

"The impact of the earthquake on the Moroccan people is devastating. We hope we can bring some support to those affected. For Moroccan users who receive these donations but are unimpacted by the earthquake, we ask them to pass the funds on to those most in need."

Binance Charity's Open Call for Donations

In addition to the user-focused relief program, Binance Charity has established a public donation address, inviting contributions from individuals across the globe. The collective cryptocurrency donations received at this address will be directed to an authorized NGO, with details to be disclosed soon. These funds will be allocated to provide essential assistance to those in need.

Donations to the Emergency Earthquake Appeal can be made in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including BNB, BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, or BUSD. 


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