ArcherSwap: Unveiling the Leading DEX on Core DAO Network

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June 17, 2023


ArcherSwap, the leading DEX on Core DAO, wins the S-Prize DeFi category. With a TVL exceeding $2 million, ArcherSwap dominates the Core DAO DeFi landscape, with AMM, NFTs, and GameFi integration.


  • ArcherSwap emerged as the winner of the S-Prize DeFi category in Core DAO's 7 Days of DeFi event.
  • With a Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding $2 million, ArcherSwap is the top DEX in the Core DAO ecosystem.
  • Other notable DEXes in Core DAO include LFGSwap, ShadowSwap, and IceCreamSwap.
  • ArcherSwap aims to become the largest DeFi ecosystem on Core DAO, offering features like AMM, NFTs, and GameFi integration.

Winner of S-Prize DeFi Category

The Core DAO Network recently announced its 7 Days of DeFi event, where ArcherSwap emerged as the S-Prize Decentralized Finance (DeFi) category winner. 

S-Prize was launched by the protocol with a vision to revolutionize the DeFi and GameFi industry and foster innovation within its ecosystem. ArcherSwap, the top Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Layer-1 blockchain, stands out as a driving force behind the transformative movement.

Top DEX on Core DAO

Within the Core DeFi landscape, ArcherSwap has established itself as the frontrunner. 

According to DeFillama, the Total Value Locked (TVL) on ArcherSwap exceeds $2 million, making it the DEX with the highest number of interactions in the Core DAO ecosystem. 

This achievement places ArcherSwap at the forefront of DeFi within Core DAO, solidifying its position as the go-to DEX for users.

Thriving Competition

While ArcherSwap leads the pack, other DEXes on Core DAO have also gained notable traction. LFGSwap and ShadowSwap boast TVL figures surpassing $1 million, demonstrating their strong presence within the ecosystem. 

Additionally, IceCreamSwap has secured a TVL of over $800,000. Notable mentions include Spoon Exchange and SatoshiSwapCore, further contributing to the diversity and vibrancy of the Core DAO DeFi landscape.

Unveiling the Mission

ArcherSwap is more than a DEX; it aspires to become the largest DeFi ecosystem and Launchpad on the Core DAO Network. 

One of its standout features is the native Launchpad, Bowpad, which has been leveraged by prominent Core-based projects such as Miidas NFT and Spoon Exchange. 

By providing a comprehensive crypto world for trading, earning, and gaming, ArcherSwap presents a dynamic and versatile platform for users within the Core Chain ecosystem.

Redefining DeFi with AMM, NFTs, and GameFi Integration

With its recent recognition as the leading DEX on Core DAO, ArcherSwap has set its sights on continued growth and expansion. 

Through its robust suite of features, including Automated Market Making (AMM), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and GameFi integration, ArcherSwap is poised to redefine the DeFi experience for Core DAO users. 

As the ecosystem continues to evolve, ArcherSwap remains at the forefront, driving innovation and shaping the future of decentralized finance within Core DAO.


ArcherSwap's victory in the S-Prize DeFi category during the 7 Days of DeFi event signifies its position as the top DEX on the Core DAO Network. With an impressive TVL and a mission to revolutionize the DeFi and GameFi landscape, ArcherSwap is paving the way for a new era of innovation on Core DAO. 

As it continues to attract projects and users to its platform, ArcherSwap is set to shape the future of DeFi within the Core Chain ecosystem.

What is ArcherSwap: 

ArcherSwap is a unique DEX Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Core chain. The protocol provides a DeFi ecosystem that allows users to trade and earn through NFT, GameFi, and projects utilizing its native BowPad launchpad. 

Where to find BowPad: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord  

What is Core DAO:

Core DAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. It represents an opportunity for miners to access new revenue streams by contributing hash power to the chain. Inspired by the principles of both blockchains, Core displays a deep appreciation for the crypto ecosystem's history and an even greater excitement for Core’s role in its future.

Where to find Core DAO:

Website | Docs | Twitter | Discord

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