All Roads Lead to Bitcoin for DeGods

by BSC News

March 21, 2023


DeGods has seen its previously burned NFTs make a highly anticipated comeback on Bitcoin, with the NFTs officially inscribed on block 776408 and selling out within three minutes.

DeGods Make Anticipated Return on BTC

Lauded NFT collection DeGod’s are the latest to embark on inscribing their NFTs on Bitcoin after a previous burn on Solana saw their 10,000-strong collection depleted by 535.

The team outlined that the NFTs have returned to their rightful home on BTC via inscription on block 776408, and the reaction was considerable with all being sold out within just three minutes. 

As we move into a period of anticipation for BTC NFTs, the DeGods team have been strategic in regard to the timing of the development. 

The reaction has been increasingly positive with the metrics underlining not only the dedicated community behind the project but also a sincere belief that BTC NFTs represent a significant market opportunity.

The metrics told their own story upon deployment as DeGods BTC NFT volume skyrocketed, more than quadrupling the volume of all other ordinals.

Users have been quick to highlight their excitement on Twitter with OG DeGods holder @JustBluishxd lauding a trade he had recently carried out, exchanging his Solana based NFTs for the all new BTC offering. 

Many are opting to take a similar route of departing with their original Solana NFTs for that of a brighter future on BTC. We’ll be keeping close tabs on how the development impacts the DeGods project, and indeed the developing story around all BTC ordinals. 

About DeGods:

DeGods was originally a Solana-based NFT project made of 10,000 deflationary PFP NFTs. The DeGods NFT collection is one of the most popular and valuable NFT collections on the market, and bills itself as Solana’s top NFT collection. 

Like other NFT projects, DeGods tries to cultivate an engaged, passionate community, but it is distinctive in that it discourages “flipping” (which is how most NFT traders profit) and instead encourages investors to HODL their DeGods NFTs.

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