After BRC-20, IPO Opens Up a New Path for DeFi4.0

by BSC News

May 22, 2023


The IPO aims to be a one-stop DeFi incubation platform through a series of products, supporting blockchain projects from inception to market realization.

The recent performance of various tracks in the Bitcoin ecosystem is extremely impressive. The Ordinals protocol has brought unprecedented exposure and liquidity to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Inscriptions (inscriptions) have made it possible for Bitcoin network NFTs. The market is heading for a new climax, and Bitcoin network congestion and high handling fees have also become hot topics recently.

Under this sentiment, some new projects began to lay out the direction of Bitcoin DeFi, but as the DeFi protocol became more and more complex, it was impossible for humans to accurately track all risks. For example, decentralized finance (DeFi) covers financial risks, smart contract risks, and off-chain security risks. Smart contract security issues have resulted in $3.8 billion in losses, according to Chainalysis.

At present, entrepreneurs urgently need a DeFi incubation platform to provide them with convenient one-stop services. A notable project that has caught attention is project IPO, which can be said to provide users with a space where they can enjoy many protocols and services, and further improve the services created by DeFi ecosystem developers, thereby maximizing the potential of their original services.

IPO is the first CEDEFI incubator to utilize the best decentralized and centralized practices, supporting blockchain projects from the origin of innovation to the final market realization. It aims to help each group develop faster through a clear mission, positioning, product motivation and ecosystem empowerment. It provides a hotbed and springboard for stabilizing the community, establishing beliefs, and strengthening consensus for many blockchain start-up projects so that they can enter the SWAP main board smoothly.

Since its launch in 2021, the IPO has been in development for two years. Currently, IPO can integrate multiple chains to support the Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon Networks. According to official sources, IPO will launch its own exclusive ecological public chain in 2024.

Unlike other platforms, IPO is able to efficiently discover valuable assets. It has gained a significant user base through its public offering without requiring pledged computing power. Moreover, high-quality projects prefer to select a public offering platform that offers greater exposure in order to attract attention. Consequently, a platform with exceptional projects attracts more traffic, and a platform with higher traffic tends to attract better projects. Additionally, IPO provides a range of incubation services such as technology support, KOL marketing, market making, currency listing recommendations, etc. 

How to Play and Earn IPO:

The process of playing and earning IPO can be understood by following the details provided by the official source.

In order to participate, players first need to acquire LP computing power by staking USDT in IPOSWAP. Each LP computing power increases over time based on the growth system and is weighted according to the Nth power of 1.03, where N represents the number of days the system has been running. This approach ensures that early participants have an advantage while latecomers receive computing power compensation. The system aims to be newcomer-friendly, fair, and equitable, fostering a sustainable interest and motivation for players to join the platform and contribute to its healthy development.

All players can obtain LP computing power by staking a minimum of 10U tokens for mining. The escrow contract releases 0.1% of the IPO balance in the LP pool every hour, distributing it outside the pool as rewards to players holding LP computing power. The mining feature follows a non-inflationary model, with mining rewards being generated immediately. When selling an IPO, 50% of the proceeds are automatically credited to the player's wallet, 45% is returned to the LP pool, simultaneously increasing the corresponding LP computing power, and 5% is allocated to support the DAO project in the IPOSWAP main board, contributing to the ecosystem's healthy growth. The automatic reinvestment mechanism ensures the platform's stability and mitigates short-term market volatility.

The total number of IPO issuances is set at 21 million, with sold IPO tokens being immediately destroyed. This approach significantly reduces the decline in coin prices during sales and establishes a favorable trend of gradual price appreciation. The substantial destruction, from 21 million to 210,000, results in a tenfold deflation, driving a steady increase in Kexuan's market value.

In the future, the entrance to the blockchain world must be a decentralized super wallet. The IPO will integrate the security of decentralized exchanges and the convenience of centralized exchanges. It will establish a community foundation owned by the IPO through SWAP. Then, the incubator will introduce a large number of startup projects to support and aggregate traffic. The launch of a series of products, such as a multi-functional wallet, DEFI incubator, NFT transaction platform, DEFI tool collection, and IPO pre-sale platform, will officially open the complete IPO ecosystem. This will realize a prosperous ecosystem with millions of currency-holding addresses and thousands of projects.

The one-stop incubation platform of IPOSWAP is continuously improving and evolving towards the concept of DeFi 4.0 in a comprehensive manner. It also requires more participants to gradually enhance and enrich it through subsequent and ongoing practical experiences. This will lead to a higher execution rate, enhanced playability, and the establishment of a stable ecology for the sustainable development of a more durable economic model.

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