A Look At ‘Poly MMB,’ Mad Meerkat NFTs on Polygon

by BSC News

September 26, 2022


The Poly MMB NFTs has garnered considerable attention on Polygon as multiple features are on offer with the collection.

Poly MMB for the Mad Kats

The Mad Meerkat Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Polygon have attracted several eyes since they were launched on Sept. 12. Right after its launch on Polygon, Mad Meerkat Finance rose to the number 1 position in terms of TVL, attracting some attention for the ecosystem as a whole.

The Polygon MMB is a collection of 13,000 NFTs that started its journey on Sept. 8 with a 12-hour snapshot. BSC News reached out to the founder of the Mad Meerkat NFT, The Canvas, to learn more about the objectives and uniqueness of the collection, and he gave the following reasons for launching this collection:

  • Users’ entrance into our Polygon NFT roadmap
  • NFT staking utility on MMF
  • Most P2Es and metaverses are built on Polygon, and thus, immediate access to them is available with Polygon NFTs
  • Top-notch artwork by artist, The Decorator
  • Unrevealed utility are in the works and will be announced in the future

Staking Utilities Of Poly MMB NFTs

The following staking utilities are covered within this collection, as stated by the Mad Meerkat team in a Medium article.

  • One can stake all Poly MMB NFTs can be on MMF, similar to Cronos.
  • You can amplify your daily yield by staking 1% of your Mad Kat NFT.
  • You can also stake a maximum of 3 Mad Kats to increase your daily returns by 3%.

Mad Meerkat Optimizer Staking Utility

  • You can stake up to 5 Poly MMB NFTs to get 15% extra MMO yields on your MMO rewards.
  • You get 3% more MMO rewards when you stake one NFT.

MadMex Staking Utility:

  • With up to four staked Poly MMB NFTs, you can get an extra 2.5% in USDC rebate on MMX ON MadMex for each NFT staked.
  • With Mad Mex, you can get an additional 10% discount on Trading Fees in addition to your existing tiered rebates.

Some community members are excited about receiving NFTs in their wallets:

During the first day of OpenSea's public mint on Sept 13, the collection rose to second among the Polygon NFTs, with only 2700 Poly MMB mints remaining to mint. The volume, however, was not that high.

“Coupled with the overall bearish market sentiment, this mint is likely going to be extremely slow. Although there are advantages for slow mints, this is not the case for MM given the objectives and timelines that we have set for ourselves for both MMB and MMF,” The Mad Meerkat NFT team mentioned in a Medium article.

In light of this, the team has decided to close the Poly MMB mint on September 17.

Following the closure of the mint, the team planned the following:

- Airdrops (within 1-2 days after mint)

- Rarity ranking

- NFT Staking on MMF, MMO, and MadMex

- Banner airdrops

Holders have already started receiving airdrops, and the community excitement is rife.

Application in Mad World Metaverse

Poly MMB NFTs will also have application in the Mad World, the upcoming Metaverse, from the Mad Meerkat team. Additionally, the team said holding an OG Kat could get you a free playable avatar.

“The MAD world is our continuous pursuit and exploration in the Metaverse. As mentioned earlier, most P2Es and metaverses are built on Polygon,” The Canvas, founder of Mad Meerkat NFTs, told BSC News. “Thus, these polygon assets will have first and immediate access to these developments.”

In addition, the team announced that there would be more updates from the MMB NFT ecosystem in the near future.

The Poly MMB NFTs ranks fifth in terms of 7-day volume in Polygon, with a floor price of 0.09 ETH at the time of writing.