BSCN Studios is the incubation and marketing arm of the wider BSCN franchise. At BSCN Studios, we partner with some of the most exciting new projects in the blockchain industry, helping those partners reach new heights when it comes to brand awareness, marketing, and network.

We take a hands on approach, ensuring that both your project, and its announcements, reach a worldwide audience of engaged cryptocurrency advocates. Projects that partner with BSCN Studios gain access to the entire suite of BSCN’s channels, and thereby BSCN’s monthly audience of several million. In addition, they will gain access to BSCN’s network which spans numerous VCs, KOLs/influencers, and major projects in the industry.

We publish content regularly through a suite of platforms, including but not limited to, multiple X/Twitter accounts, YouTube, Telegram, and the website. We share articles, updates, exclusive interviews, and more.

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Our Partners


Lorenzo is the Bitcoin liquidity finance layer. The infrastructure tokenizes Bitcoin staking in Babylon and other POS into unified liquid staking token (LST) standards, and enabling DeFi ecosystem building on the token standards. Lorenzo's separates the principal part and yield part of BTC LST into liquid principal token (LPT) and yield accruing token (YAT), stBTC is the official primary LPT generated by staking to Babylon.


DEGA is building tools that allow anyone to design, publish and monetize games in minutes at low cost. Their flagship product is DEGA Realms, an ai-powered game Web3 game builder with in-game assets and currencies on-chain.


ZKX makes trading social with PVP battles and competitions for perpetual futures. Leveraging its appchain, ZKX delivers unparalleled scalability and high-speed APIs by combining the efficiency of centralized exchanges with the self-custody and trust of DeFi. ZKX is currently deployed on Ethereum and Starknet, and is leading the way where SocialFi meets DeFi.